5 Minutes With: The Future Kicks

When the words ''The Future Kicks'' spring to mind, I instantly think of rockin' tunes, guitars and really good hair. The boys have had a pretty awesome year, so I caught up with them to see how the madness has been for them...

Hey boys – how are you all?

Zen: We're all good! very excited about everything that's going on! New music, tours and shows next year!
Cru: Starting to get that festive feeling now! Looking forward to chill and eat loads over Xmas with our families then fresh and ready for 2014!
Andy: Maybe a few kisses under the mistletoe.... Not with the band haha
Ben: Can’t believe it’s almost Xmas already!! 

Describe your 2013 in a nutshell?

2013 has been incredible, but it has flown so fast!
Ben: We have been so busy writing, recording and gigging there hasn't been much time to think, but having an amazing time along the way!

Did you guys always know that you wanted to be musicians or were there any other career paths that interested you? Astronaut?  Zoo keeper? Lolly-pop men?

Ooo good question, I always wanted to be a bus driver! But when I found music, I never looked back! Would still like a double decker though!
Andy: I wanted to be a tractor! When I was little I didn't realise that wasn't possible!
Bri: Seeing Blink 182 live when I was 15 cemented the dream that I wanted to be on stage!
Cru: I always wanted my own crazy wildlife show! Haha kinda like Steve Irwin! There's still time!
Ben: To be honest I wanted to be Actor, then ended up dancing, now I'm in a band! Believe it or not I wanted to be in the army so I could be in the SAS! James Bond got nothing on Me!

How did The Future Kicks form?

Bri: Just a Bunch of lads who met in a small town with big dreams!
Cru: Me and benji are bros, and have known Andy since we were 4,
Andy: ... All the pieces of the puzzle fell naturally into place at the right time!

You’ve been to several movie premiers   - how was that?

Zen: I love the premiers; it's crazy to be on the carpet with all the celebs and movie stars. Once I accidentally stole David Hays malteasers, luckily he didn't go for the knockout!
Andy: Yeah we love these events, Bat Man Rises was like a dream! Feel very lucky to go to them! Never know, maybe walk down the red carpet to our own movie one day!
Ben: I particularly enjoyed eyeing up the Saturdays.
Cru: Free popcorn is always a plus!

Describe yourselves in five words?

Zen, Ben, Cru, Andy, Bri that's all ya need to know! 
Bri: Unpredictable, loud, pretty friggin sweet haha

If you could collaborate with any other musician, dead or alive, who would it be?

Busted and McFly! who knows McFutureBusted could still happen perhaps? Maybe Andy's mam could do a freestyle rap somewhere!
Andy: I wanna do a side project with Miley Cyrus! With my twerking skills and matching hair gotta be a winner.
Bri: Rebecca Black! YouTube don't lie peeps!
Ben: Can I collaborate with Emma Watson?? .. Does she sing?

Describe a typical day in the life of The Future Kicks? And what do y’all do in your spare time?

Andy: We actually all live together too, so we tend to spend all our spare time together! 
Zen: Good job were all friends I tell ya! 
Bri: We spend a lot of time coming up with new ideas for tunes, and rehearsing for upcoming shows! 
Cru: We are on the road a lot!! Where most of our song writing goes down! I find Inspiration happens on the move!
Ben: When we’re not doing that, we're usually hanging out together!

What key advice would you give to others interested in having a career in the music industry?

Work hard! If it's really what you want you have to give it your all!
Cru: Working with your friends makes things so much easier, And more rewarding too!

What’s next for TFK?

Zen: 2014 holds a lot of plans!
Bri: From touring, to music videos!
Cru: Plus loads more we have planned, Everything's bubbling up nicely, you will have to wait and see!
Ben: It's gonna be a big 2014


Make sure you check out The Future Kicks YouTube, here, and keep upto date with all their news on their Twitter.



  1. I've never heard of them but I'll check their youtube out!


  2. Never heard of them but they seem like lovely boys! Will have a look at their YouTube and maybe download some of teur music in itunes! Great post! Lauryn from funfairsandfairydust.blogspot.com xxx

    1. They're awesome and such nice chaps too. Yes do it! Thanks for reading Lauryn x


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