Brand Focus: Pixi by Petra.

If you've been reading my blog for a while now then you'll already know about my undying love for Pixi. Head here to read my previous posts (warning: there's quite a few), but if you're instead just looking to find out some of the stand-out products from the brand then you might wanna stick around...

Rose Oil Blend* (£26) - Boy oh boy, is this a good'n. I always like to incorporate an oil into my routine throughout the year, but this offering is without a doubt, one of my favourites of all time. Designed to restore and rejuvenate the skin, the Rose Oil Blend adds a serious (and much needed), boost of hydration. Not only does it smell all kinds of awesome, but it has a thicker consistency than others I've tried so it's a total pleasure to apply. This also definitely gives a helping hand when it comes to reducing redness and blemishes, so I guess you could say it wins all around. Can you tell I'm a fan?

Glowtion Day Dew* (£24) - For a radiance boost come morning, I reach for this. It's quite lightweight in texture, but creates the perfect canvas for makeup, giving an almost 'lit from within' finish - think the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders but in moisturiser form. Definitely one to try if you're in the market for a newbie.

Glow Mud Mask* (£18) - I'm a big mask user and this is definitely one that I'll be repurchasing once I run out. Like a classic mud mask, it works to draw out impurities, leaving the skin brighter, clearer and glowing in just 15 minutes.

Of course the Glow Tonic (£18) is another cult favourite, but I very handily forgot to photograph my bottle in this set of shots - oops. You can read my full review here, but to sum it up, the exfoliating toner is an absolute essential for anyone who may be suffering from a dry, dull or slightly blemish prone complexion. In fact, it's pretty much ideal for all skin types. 9/10 now I reach for this over my (natural) grain scrubs as I feel it gives such a great result following my evening cleanse.

Endless Silky Eye Pencil (£12) - A gal can never have too many eyeliners in her life in my opinion, and these are well worth adding to your stash. The formula kind of reminds me of MAC eye pencils in that they are creamy, blendable, and once they've set, they ain't goin' nowhere. They also happen to come in a great range of colours so there will definitely be one to suit you.

Book of Beauty - Minimal Makeup (£24) - If you're someone that find themselves travelling a fair amount then you will seriously dig this palette. Made up of two highlighters, two cheek shades and four eyeshadows, it's pretty much got everything you need to create a barely-there makeup look. Pixi powders are really high quality (I adore the Limited Edition Natural Contour Kit*) and definitely something worth investing in. Essentially, this palette rocks.

2k Eye Elixir (£22) - Now this, this is total holy grail standard. Early mornings = tired, puffy eyes, but this anti-fatigue peptide serum cools and smooths the delicate area, providing a noticeable difference before you've even finished your A.M. cup of coffee. Frankly, a quick application of the roller-ball is nice to use anytime in the day so I would highly, highly recommend giving this a whirl for yourself.

Are you a fan of Pixi? What are your favourite products from the brand? Are you tempted to try out any of the above?


Neal's Yard Remedies Blog Event, Leeds.

On Tuesday I travelled up to Leeds for the Neal's Yard Remedies blogger event located in the beautiful Victoria Quarter store (think great lighting + elegant interiors = the perfect, Instagram-worthy equation). Held in hour long sessions throughout the day, I went along with my lovely gal pal Jess (or Foxxtailz, if you read her blog) where we met the lovely team and learnt a little more about the brand. I've been a fan of Neal's Yard for a while now (see my various posts here) so I was pretty excited to attend!

Not only were we kindly offered a mini massage in one of the beautiful aromatherapy treatment rooms upon arrival (I went for the hand option where I was able to sample the Bee Lovely range) but there were healthy canapes and drinks to snack on including some pretty delicious smoothies from Filmore & Union.

Yes, these were as delicious as they looked!

My previous experiences with NYR have mainly been with their skincare and body products (which are very good indeed), but since having a good nosey throughout the store I'm keen to try out the rest of their collections. There was a huge display filled with the various aromatherapy fragrances and diffusers on offer, plus the coolest Lumie Bodyclock you've ever seen - not only does the light adjust according to your needs, but it releases two fragrances (of your choice), one for the A.M. to help wake you from your slumber, and another to encourage you to drift off on an evening. Amazing.

So I may have said I already knew a fair bit about the brand, however I was unaware that they also catered to babies and makeup addicts.... is there anything Neal's Yard don't do? I think you could pretty much exclusively buy from the brand and still have everything you need beauty wise.

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm pictured below is without a doubt, my all-time favourite skincare product (I've mentioned it here if you fancy a read). Not only is it a total multi-tasker, but it's suitable for almost all skin types meaning you can rely on it regardless of your particular complexion troubles. Also, the scent, like all Neal's Yard products, is just amazing.

We were also given the chance to try out both Superfoods as they were incorporated into the nibbles and drinks - I definitely need to add both to my kitchen stash as they'll be perfect in homemade smoothies! Designed to detoxify and boost well-being and vitality, they're great to work in to a balanced, healthy diet.

I had a lovely afternoon with the girls, who were not only seriously friendly and welcoming, but totally clued up on the brand and products. It was great to get the chance to pick their brains and find out what items they'd recommend for our individual needs (I snapped up a bottle of the Mahonia Clear Skin Formula so I'm excited to see how it performs - expect a review coming your way in the next couple of months).

We were also very kindly gifted a goody bag of treats including a huge jar of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil* which can literally be used for pretty much everything in life (see my post here) - think cooking, smoothies, skincare, oil pulling, an eye makeup remover and a hair treatment, it does it all, and very well I may add.

*If you fancy learning a little more about the NYR brand, I recently shared a post discussing my go-to products and why they rock, here*.

Are you a fan of Neal's Yard Remedies? What are your favourite products from the brand? I'd love to know any recommendations you may have!



Brand Focus: Neal's Yard.

So I've decided to incorporate a little feature on my blog where I focus on some of my all-time favourite brands and the go-to products from each. I actually did something similar a while back (see here and here), but I think it might be a little easier to digest if I break it down into specific brands, starting with Neal's Yard.

After discovering NY last Summer, I quickly fell in love with the products and overall concept; ethical, organic beauty with a holistic approach. So, as well as the range being very good indeed (more on that in a moment), it's nice to know that the ingredients you're putting onto your skin are for the most, natural.

My first trial of the brand was the Award Winning Skincare Set (£20) snapped up for me by my lovely Mum (she gave it a go and insisted I tried it out for myself!). After just a few days of use, I understood why she was so impressed - check out my full review here for the details. Kits like these are a great way to try from a brand before investing, and, whether you have dry, normal, oily/combination or older skin, NY have one for you.

It was thanks to the skincare set that I came across the Wild Rose Beauty Balm (£38). Suitable for all skin types, it's something of a multi-tasker. A cleanser, moisturiser, cuticle oil and lip balm - this treat does it all, and not only that, but it smells amazing too. Whenever my skin is acting up, whether it's down to dryness or blemishes, I reach for this.

When it comes to bath time, the Aromatic Foaming Bath (£15.50) is a dream come true. Unlike many baths soaks, this actually creates a tub full of bubbles and boasts a heavenly scent thanks to its aromatherapy blend of lavender and geranium essential oils. Combined with the Lavender Bath Salts (£14.50), you really do have yourself the equation for the perfect, pamper night bath. 

To keep my skin hydrated, I'm a big fan of the brand's Aromatic Body Butter (£23 - currently on offer for £16.10). Again, it smells great (think shea and cocoa butter with a blend of essential oils) but also works pretty damn well at keeping any unwanted dryness at bay. This also happens to be a good'n if you suffer from the dreaded Keratosis Pilaris (read my post on how I got rid of it, here).

Finally, the Remedies to Roll (£6.50) which are available to buy in five different scents (energy, relaxation, study, travel and night time - which I have). If you struggle to wind down come evening then this is definitely one for you. With a blend of balancing essential oils, a quick dab over the pulse points soothes the mind and helps you to drift off to sleep. Just 9ml, they're a pretty handy size should you fancy keeping one in your handbag during particularly stressful days.

Are you a fan of Neal's Yard? Have you tried any of the above? I'd love to know your recommendations from the brand!



Products To Banish Dry, Winter Skin.

Thanks to the drop in temperature, my skin has been on the drier side of things recently, meaning I've really had to bring out the big guns to keep things hydrated. Sometimes, your everyday products just don't cut it, so I've devised myself a little routine of products that I know will help transform my complexion back to norm.

I've popped this one under the 'face' category, but really, it's something of a multi-tasker. The Lanolips 101 Ointment* (£10.99) is a natural balm made from ultra pure medical grade Lanolin that can be used on the lips, cuticles, brows and the body. Oh, and ever get a really dry nose this time of year? It's a miracle worker for that too.
I wrote about the diamond that is the Oskia Rennaisance Cleansing Gel (£28) back in the Autumn (read my review here) and fast forward a few months, it still ticks all the boxes in my eyes. Suitable for all skin types, particularly combination, dull and dry, its gel-to-oil formula glides onto the face and leaves it both soothed and soft. And the scent? Think Turkish Delight *nom*.

To exfoliate, it's all about the Clarins Gentle Exfoliator Brightenining Toner (£25). A liquid formula, it works to remove dead skin cells without the need for the harsh grains often found in scrubs. As well as clearing up any existent blemishes, it kicks butt at keeping any more from emerging. Essentially, it's a skincare essential for all.

The Pixi Rose Oil Blend* (£26) is up there as one of my all-time favourites. Again, this one certainly wins in the scent department, but it's also just a really great product overall. Boasting a botanical blend, its rich consistency gives a glowing finish to the complexion and rids of any unwanted dry patches. Lovely stuff.

The Origins Make A Difference Plus + Rejuvenating Moisturizer (£35) is the perfect addition for those with thirst-quenched skin. My skin can get a little irritable this time of year but this really calms down any redness without clogging pores. If you like the sound of this one, head here for my full review.

Time to talk body. My skin can occasionally react to body products with strong fragrances, however the Humble Rose & Frankincense Body Wash* (£8) is something I, and my skin, can rely on. Containing natural, biodegradable ingredients (no parabens or SLS in sight), the formula is not only gentle but thanks to key ingredient, English honey, seriously hydrating.

As I said earlier, I'm not so keen on using grain scrubs on my face, but when it comes to my arms, stomach and legs, I'm all for it. For this, I reach for the Balance Me Skin Brightening Polish* (£18). With natural sea salt, shea butter and sweet almond oil, the product gets the job done without stripping the skin of moisture - it's so moisturising in fact, that you don't even need to apply lotion after stepping out of the shower (the ideal option for gals in a hurry, no?).

I luuurve me some bath salts, so the Botanicals Himalayan Rose Bath Soak* (£24.95) is a dream come true. Designed to revatalize and soothe the skin, a twenty minute soak in the bath revives tired and aching muscles and gets me in the mood for a good night's sleep. Organic, suitable for vegans and never tested on animals, this one is a good'n for all. The soak is my first try from the Botanicals brand, however I'm eager to snap up some more as this is such a pleasure to use.

Body oils are a necessity for the ultimate pamper night, and the Meltiva L'Or Bio Extraordinary Oil* (£25) is no exception. I wrote about it in my recent haul post here, but to sum it up, this gives the most beautiful glow to the skin thanks to a cocktail of five rare and precious oils. Also, the holiday-like scent naturally gives it a few extra bonus points...

If I'm feeling particularly zen-like, the Neal's Yard Aromatherapy Body Butter (£23 - currently on offer for £16.10) is used head-to-toe. This, of course, works wonders on the body (hence it being featured), but it's also a great one to try if you have the dreaded Keratosis Pilaris. Fyi, if you're a fan of Neal's Yard or looking to find out more from the brand, head here for my post on their must-try products.

So there we have it, my round-up of treats for the times you're needing a little extra somethin' somethin'. What products would you recommend for dry and dehydrated skin?



Winter Haul.

So I've clearly been feeling a little spendy over the festive period as I've managed to accumulate quite a few new things. I'm talkin' beauty, fashion, organisational bits, the whole drill, so I thought what better time to share a haul post...

Starting with beauty, I recently ran out of my absolute favourite perfume in the world, Escentric Molecules Molecule 01, so naturally snapped up another bottle. This stuff is literally amazing. I posted a review (here) a little while ago after discovering it in my Liberty London Beauty Advent 2014 Calendar and I've been hooked ever since. It's such a beautiful scent.

I was very generously given a Boots gift voucher for Christmas, and one thing I'd had my eye on for a very long time was the Clarins The Essentials Eye Makeup Palette. Made up of ten matte, satin and iridescent shadows, it was one I knew I would get a lot of use out of. Like all Clarins products (check out my review of THE best mascara you will ever try), it doesn't disappoint.

The lovely people at Melvita kindly sent over a bottle of their L'Or Bio Extraodinary Oil* which smells absolutely divine and is the perfect post-addition to a long soak in the bath. A combination of five rare and precious oils, the product both nourishes and protects the skin whilst giving a beautiful, subtle glow (you can even use it on your hair, too). Expect to see it popping up again on the blog very soon as I.am.in.love.

If you're a regular reader of my blog then you'll already know of my obsession with Pixi (click here to read my various posts). Yet again, the brand has ticked all the boxes with their recent launches, so it's only right that I spill the details. The Natural Contour Kit* and Endless Silky Eye Pen Quartette* were both a part of the 2015 Holiday Collection however can still be found on the website. The palette is made up of four shades for the face and eight for the eyes, and, like the other powders from the brand are up there as some of my favourites (think lost lasting and totally buildable). The same also has to be said for the Mesmerizing Mineral Palettes* which are perfect if you're wanting to add a little colour to your look. Though both are totally swoon-worthy, I think the standout for me would have to be the Endless Silky Eye Pens*. I now have several in my stash and for a good reason. If waterproof, long-wearing pencils with a gel formula are up your street then you will adore these. Not only do they come in a great range of shades, but they are seriously pigmented and something I find myself reaching for on an almost daily basis. Pixi are now also stocked in Marks and Spencer so I would definitely go have a peek at the range if you're near a store!

Regal Rose is a brand I've religiously swooned over for years now. Their products are so unique and well made, and the Cartilage Claw Earrings are no exception. They're definitely not to everyone's taste, but I literally think they are the coolest things since sliced bread.

Speaking of jewellery, if you're in the market for some new pieces then I would highly recommend checking out what Nikki Stark has to offer. I am a huge ring person, so the Sally Sterling Silver Ring* and Rocking Wishbone 9ct Rose Gold Ring* are both (unsurprisingly) getting a lot of wear. I generally stick to silver when it comes to jewellery as I'm pretty pale, however from talking to Nikki, she felt 9ct rose gold would be very flattering for my complexion - and she wasn't wrong! Both rings are so unique and delicate and as you can see, made to an amazing standard. I have a post coming up discussing my favourite go-to jewellery to if you want to see these in action then be sure to keep checking back!

Cheap Monday also happened to be having a very generous sale around the Christmas period, so I may have purchased a couple of things... As if I don't already own enough dark clothing in my wardrobe, I ordered the Enfold Top in Punk Black. Now it might just look like a boring everyday tshirt, but the slit at the back gives it a little somethin' somethin'. Next up, the COM LS Inside Stripe Tee (no longer online in the grey) which has quickly become a (seriously comfy) staple in my wardrobe.

Moving on to lifestyle, this year I'm determined to crank it up a notch when it comes to organisation, so what better way to do this than by owning 5,000 diaries and notepads? Ok, so maybe not, but all good planning starts with a nice Moleskin Diary. Even better, Waterstones had a snazzy 50% off all planners making it a very reasonable £6.95. Winning.

Now this is one serious idea. Crafted by Stephanie of blog, Coco Chic, The Blogger Journal is not only pretty to look at, but crammed with ideas, tips and a trusty planner to keep your blog on track. Essentially, it's what every blogger needs in their life and I can't wait to put it to good use.

Last but not least (you're looking right at it), it's my brand spanking new blog layout. After around seven months of my last design, I decided to switch things up in line with the new year. Without hesitation I went straight back to the amazing Eve who is a total diamond - I couldn't recommend her enough! I'm so pleased with the final result and think it looks rather pretty if I do say so myself - I hope you think so too!

So there we have it, my latest Winter haul. Now I think it's time to sit on my purse and start saving my pennies...

Have you been shopping for anything nice recently? Do you like the look of any of my purchases? I'd love to know your thoughts on my new blog layout!



Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara.

It's official. After years of searching I have finally found my holy grail mascara and it comes courtesy of Clarins. The Truly Waterproof Mascara (£21.50) is everything I could wish for in a product and more (no exaggeration).

As a girl with lashes that just.won't.curl, I am now able to sport fluttery peepers that stay in tact right until I remove my makeup come evening. Waterproof mascaras can often be known to dry out the lashes, however ingredients bitter orange tree wax and squalane from olive work to both nourish and protect.

The wand is also something to cheer about. It's oblong brush makes for the perfect shape to distribute the product from root to tip, adding volume and length that can be built up to give the desired effect.

Essentially this is a faultless mascara and really does tick all the boxes. I would 100% recommend trying it out for yourself if you're in the market for a newbie (or even if not, it's definitely worth spending your pennies on!).

Are you a fan of Clarins? Have you tried the Truly Waterproof Mascara, or have I tempted you to give it a whirl?

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