Malmaison Newcastle Hotel Review

Last weekend I spent a night in the Malmaison in Newcastle.

I've stayed a handful of times before and have always been thoroughly impressed, this occasion being no different. 

The decor of Malmaison hotels is amazing, very modern and sophisticated. I stayed in the Corner Suite. Being on the 7th floor it had amazing views of the River Tyne, which at night, looked wonderful.

The room itself was incredibly spacious. Well, I say room, however there were two rooms - one being the bedroom and the other a lounge area.

The bathroom had the most awesome waterfall shower, and the bath? ...In the middle of the lounge area, naturally.

The complimentary toiletries were from Arrran Aromatics and Anatomicals - so I was pretty darn chuffed as both brands I love. 

The colour palette and fabrics used in  the both rooms I can only describe as awesomely luxurious.

I NEED the bedding... and the throw... and the cushions. Basically the whole lot, yeah.

My stay in the Malmaison was excellent, and although I didn't eat in the hotel restaurant, I did take advantage of the Starbucks inside the next morning!

If I have tickled your fancy and you're interested in spending a night or two in the Malmaison yourself, then there are also eleven others dotted around the UK.

Have you ever stayed in a Malmaison before? Did you love it as much as me?



  1. I love the hotel, but the service at breakfast was awful! They only served the young single men and the rest of us had to go up and ask. Shocking haha! It hasn't put me off though, I just won't eat there next time.

  2. I've never been to a Malmaison before but I've been looking into it for a treat! xx

  3. ooh it looks lovely!wouldnt expect any different from Malmaison!:)


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