Mac Face and Body Foundation

I'm not a fan of wearing a heavy coverage on my face. I feel it's unnecessary. I haven't always been one who likes dewy, natural looking skin though. Memories of my former 13 year old self trowling on the makeup looking like my face was set in stone; eek.

I admit I sometimes wear quite a lot of makeup on my eyes, however this isn't the case with my skin. I chop and change my foundation but on most occassions I wear Nars Tinted Moisturiser (which is amazing by the way, read my post here if you want to check it out)

However the other day I decided to pick up my bottle of Mac Face and Body. I hadn't used it in a while and I guess I'd forgotten how brilliant it is! Due to it being waterbased, it's very sheer and doesn't look cakey; the perfect foundation for me. It evens out your complexion and although being lightweight it manages to last all day. I prefer to apply this foundation with my hands and I'm left with a gorgeous, dewy glow.

As you probably noticed due to the products name, the foundation can also be applied to the body. Say if you were going out and had your legs on show, you could apply to even out your skintone.
I've never done this so I can't comment on the results, although I can imagine it would do a good job.
I purchased the foundation in the shade N3, which I use when I'm wearing fake tan. I think I may pick up a bottle to match my natural skintone as I'm embracing the pale a lot more as of late.

You can purchase the bottle in two different sizes, 50ml and 120ml. If you're interested in giving this a shot I'd definitely recommend purchasing the 120ml bottle. This is due to the fact there's only £6 difference between the two, with the smaller bottle retailing at £20.50. I think the price of this product is absolutely fantastic, as most Mac foundations tend to be sold in 30ml bottles and come with a higher price tag.

If you haven't tried this product out I really recommend doing so.
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