The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer.

When it comes to products that promise to add a little glow factor to the 'ol complexion, I'm all for it. From the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders (check here for my posts) to Benefit's Watt's Up, I have slowly but surely built up quite the collection. Perhaps the crème de la crème of the bunch, however, comes courtesy of The Balm. 

Mary-Lou Manizer (£17.50) is the ultimate highlighter. No doubt. There's a reason this one has gained such an impressionable status, and I for one can fully understand the hype (though admittedly I'm a little, or a lot, slow with adding it to my makeup stash..). 

A honey-hued, golden powder boasting a buttery soft texture, it is a total dream to apply. I've heard quite a few refer to its dramatic, night-time appropriate effects, however if you go in gently and built up to suit your tastes, you can achieve anything from a subtle glow to something the Kardashian's would be proud of. Also, it's worth noting that I'm pretty pale, but I've seen this look amazing on all kinds of skin tones so this shouldn't be a concern.

Essentially, if you're wanting to up the stakes in the highlight department, this is undoubtedly the one for you.

Have you tried The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer? What are your go-to products for a glowy complexion?

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A Weekend in Edinburgh.

Well I guess this is a little embarrassing. 

I should probably make a point of addressing the elephant in the room, no? So, um, yeah, I hold my hands up and admit it's been a while. Well, quite a while in fact. So long that I'm questioning whether I can even justify calling myself a blogger?  Yikes.

Alas, I'm hoping to get back into the rhythm of blogging and keen to spill the deets on my latest getaway to the beautiful City that is Edinburgh.

A personal favourite of mine, I always have a blast whenever I get the chance to visit. Whether you're big on shopping, eating (*cough* me *cough*) or just general exploring, there's something to satisfy everyone. 

Rather than staying in a hotel, we decided to rent an apartment. Super spacious, airy and modern, it was the perfect spot for our two night stay. Located just off of the Royal Mile, the Old Town Chambers Apartments are in a prime location for the City centre, meaning we were able to get pretty much wherever we needed to be in a matter of minutes.

Being a beauty blogger, it'd be wrong for me not address the whole toiletries situation early on in the post. The apartment was fully kitted out with generous Cowshed products which definitely went down a treat. Though Cowshed was a brand I wasn't all that familiar with at the time, since giving them a whirl, I've rushed off to snap up a few of my own (separate post on it's way shortly!). Not only are the actual products amazing, but the packaging is top-notch, too. Plus, the play on words worked into the names of each bottle adds a little fun to your morning shower.

Of course, a big part of going away is to unwind. Naturally, beds play a large part in this, and the ones in our apartment certainly didn't disappoint. But, as comfy as said beds were, we were there to explore and enjoy our surroundings. ...And, did I mention, eat a whole lotta food.

Our first major foodie stop was at Wildfire on Rose Street. Serving the most divine food, it happens to be rated one of the best places to dine in the city. I'm a huge steak fan, and I have to say this was one of the best I've had. Quite the statement, I know.

Dessert obviously had to follow, and this chocolate treat was frankly, bloody amazing.

The next day we were treated to cloudless skies and took the opportunity to have a little stroll around the old town, making the time to fit in a visit to Harvey Nichols.

After a wee browse round the store, we headed up to the fourth floor for lunch at the Chocolate Lounge, which, is essentially what dreams are made of. Or mine, anyway.

As the name suggests, you can snap up a range of chocolate themed dishes and drinks, however if that's not really your thing, you're still guaranteed to find something on the menu that takes your fancy.

Who remembers Matey's? I'm pretty sure this is the sauce equivalent?

Next up, The Dome.
So, we may have just stayed for a cocktail or two, but that provided just about enough time to admire the gorgeous architecture. I would highly recommend a visit if you're nearby - there are some serious Gossip Girl-esque vibes coming from this place.

Being the Mexican food fanatics that we are, the trip needed to involve some form of spicy cuisine. To satisfy our cravings, we ventured out to Mariachi on Victoria Street. Though I can't say it was the best Mexican I've ever had (call me picky), it was still very nice - if you're going for a full meal, definitely opt for the Quesadillas to start.

Here we have the Heart of Midlothian, which has quite the story behind it (you can read up on that, here). It's supposedly good luck to spit within the mosaic, but I'll leave that one up to you!

So, my mini trip to Edinburgh in a nutshell. I can't lie, travel and lifestyle themed posts aren't really in my comfort zone (along with the fact it's been a while with any form of blog post *ahem*), so please excuse if I'm a little rusty - next time I will be back to rambling about beauty-shaped treats.

Are you a fan of Edinburgh? Have you visited any of the above? I'd love to know your recommendations for my next trip to the City!

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