The Wishlist

I am a huuuuge interior buff. I'll rather guiltlessly spend an hour or so browsing the virtual heaven that is Pinterest, drooling over the stunning interiors and nick-knacks. (Is it just me that finds it ridiculously addictive?) After a recent/frequent/whatever you wanna call it, session on the site, my mind was filled with homeware thoughts, so alas, I show you a wishlist of treats I wouldn't mind having in my home. 

Also, and maybe I'm late on the bandwagon with this one, but last week I discovered French Connection have a home range - and if you can't tell from the above image below, their stuff is ah-mazing. I sorta, kinda want everything - sorry bank balance. It also turns out that Sainsbury's and Asda stock a great selection of goodies, and for pretty reasonable prices too. And of course, it wouldn't be an interior wishlist if it didn't include a few pieces from Zara Home. It seems my crib's going to be looking pretty decked out in the near future...

Where do you like to shop for homeware bits? Anywhere I should have a browse of?
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