Death before dishonour.

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If you follow me on Twitter, you may have seen that last week, Matt and myself had a little trip up to Manchester. Being an avid lover of Paramore, it only made sense that we hopped on a train to see the band do their thing on their current tour. I have a post coming up on our adventures during our two-night stay (hint: it involved a whole lot of food) so I'll save the full details for that. But pigging out aside, we also made the most of being in the beautiful city by taking a few cheeky outfit snaps.


Megan Ellaby's Manchester Charity Clothes Sale.

megan ellaby manchester charity clothes sale

On Sunday, Matt and myself headed to Manchester (a.k.a my favourite City on the planet) for what I could only describe as one seriously incredible event.



Two nights in Edinburgh.

When it comes to spare time, there's nothing I love more than seeing the great outdoors, exploring new locations and sampling what's on offer in terms of local cuisine, bars and shops.



Six To Listen To On Spotify #4

What to listen to on Spotify

I don't know about you, but if you ask me, there's seriously nothing better than coming across new ear candy. Whether I'm in the car or at my desk, I'm pretty much tuned in to my Spotify Premium account (the best £5/£10 you will spend a month, no doubt about it).



Latest in Beauty Subscription Box.

Latest in Beauty subscription

I've never really been one for beauty boxes. I love the concept of trying new products, discovering 'holy grails' to add to my routine, but paying £20 or so a month for surprise items you might not get along with has always put me off.
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