The WhitePepper

If you haven't heard of The WhitePepper - where on earth have you you been?!

Selling everything fashion, the brand is pretty darn popular in the blogging world. Not to mention, Hayley Williams from Paramore (my number one gal crush) has sported several pieces recently.

If you're looking for something a little different, then The WhitePepper's your place! Inspired by vintage, they cater to both chicks and dudes that love fashion.

Winter 2013 is the fourth mainline collection from the brand, also marking TWP's two year birthday. Although I've been ogling over the whole range, the simple shift dress and the leather tread boots have been calling my name. 
 Prices in the Winter collection range from £45-£120, and you can pick up some pieces of awesomeness from both http://www.thewhitepepper.com/ and Topshop Oxford Circus.

Are you a fellow fan of The WhitePepper?



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