Summertime Beauty Favourites.

Blogger Summer Beauty Favourites

I don't know about you, but when we reach the Summer months I like to shake things up a tad when it comes to my beauty routine. From nail colour to spritzes, let's discuss a few of my current favourites...

Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist(£16)
The weather we've been treated to as of late has been utterly divine, however for those moments when it gets a little too hot, the Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist* is your best mate. With orange blossom, lavender and arginine, the mist can in fact be used in a multitude of ways. Pre-moisturiser to tone and strengthen the skin, post-makeup to add hydration and set, or throughout the day to cool and revive the complexion. Essentially, it's an absolute staple for this time of year.

Pixi Vitamin Wakeup Mist

Essie Nail Lacquer in 37 Lilacism (£7.99)
Admittedly, I'm not the best when it comes to painting my nails on the regular, but there's something about the sun that inspires me to add a pop of colour to my talons. A rainbow shade selection combined with 10/10 longevity has meant that recently, it's been all about the Essie Nail Lacquers. Lilacism is the perfect summery shade, and who doesn't love a hint of purple?

The Balm MaryLou Manizer Highlighter (£20)
I've been a longstanding fan of this glorious, glorious highlighter. With its honey-hued tone and buttery-soft texture, The Balm Mary-Lou Manizer is a must-have for glowy skin. Whether you're after a subtle sheen, or a full-on Kardashian vibe, it works. Extra brownie points as it boasts a cracking mirror in the lid, making it ideal for on-the-go top ups.

Beauty Blogger Summer Makeup

Collection IncrediBrow Tinted Mascara (£2.99)
Initially, I wasn't 100% sold on this when I added it to my basket in Boots. The wand is quite long in comparison to others on the market, making precision a little tricky. However after a couple of attempts, I love it! The brows are left set in place without looking crispy, and remain throughout the day (even during the heatwave). For £3, it's a bit of a barg (I picked up the shade Brunette).

Essie Nail Lacquer Lilacism

Have you tried any of the above? What are your go-to beauty products in the warmer months?

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New in from L'Occitane.

L'Occitane Launches 2019

I've spoken about L'Occitane a good few times on my blog over the years and I'm always blown away with everything I try. So naturally, when a new collection comes about, I'm all ears.

This time round, it's all about the skin and lips....

Three masks and a whopping seventeen products for the pout.

L'Occitane Beauty Favourites

As an avid skincare fan, it only makes sense to start with the masks, no?

Designed to cater to all skin types, L'Occitane have created a trio that will leave the complexion looking flawless. Before we get started, can we just take a moment to acknowledge the packaging? So bloody cute!

The jam-like textured Radiance Face Scrub (£29) features natural fruit acids and freshly harvested pomelos from Corsica to slough away dry cells, resulting in bright, radiant skin. I do enjoy a good scrub so this is an absolute must for the 'ol skincare collection!

L'Occitane Blogger Review

If your skin is in-need of some calm, the Soothing Face Mask (£29) will be right up your street. Containing blackcurrant, magnesium and calcium (known for skin-functioning abilities), the mask lightly exfoliates whilst instantly soothing and refreshing the face. A summer essential in the heatwave we've been experiencing as of late!

Last but not least for the mask menu, we have the Purifying Face Mask* (£29). This pot of goodness is ideal for those with skin on the oilier side of things, thanks to the key ingredient that is organic Provence thyme working its magic to absorb excess sebum, exfoliate and mattify the skin.

When it comes to the lip launches from L'Occitane, we're pretty spoilt for choice! Three lip scrubs, six balms and nine lipsticks. The launch encapsulates a full routine for your smackers to keep them looking healthy and hydrated.

The Lip Scrubs (£14) are packaged in smaller jars than their mask counterparts, but are equally as adorable. Choose from marmalade, raspberry and fig.

L'Occitane Summer Collection 2019

Step two of the L'Occitane lip routine is all about the hydration. From a Multi-Balm (£20) and a Lip Perfector (£20) to a choice of four Tinted Balms* (£20), there's one to suit you. If you're one to go for the natural look in the warmer months, the tinted balms are the perfect handbag staple to give a little low-maintenance somethin' somethin'. They also taste delish so they're an all around winner!

If you're keen for a dash of colour that doesn't compromise on nourishment, the Fruity Lipsticks (£18) are an absolute dream. I have the Fruity Lipstick in Provence Sunset* and it's the perfect summertime shade. The texture is both creamy and moisturising thanks to the cocktail of oils and leave the lips with a beautiful, healthy sheen. Love love love!

You can purchase the latest launches from L'Occitane both in store and online. Will you be trying out anything from the collection? Are you a keen face mask user in the summer months?

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Pixi Glow Collection.

Pixi Glow Tonic Collection 2019

*Press samples featured*

The ultimate glow givers, Pixi have crafted a whopping four new skincare staples to sit alongside the cult bottled gem, Glow Tonic. Excited? Me too.

So what's the deal?

The five-part routine kicks off with the Pixi Glow Tonic Cleansing Gel* (£18), a gentle exfoliant jam-packed with ingredient goodness including Moisclean, Glycolic Acid and Aloe Vera. A coin sized amount massaged into the skin and rinsed leaves the skin prepped for the next step.

Next up, it's the OG. Time to tone with arguably the most famous toner on the market, Glow Tonic* (£18). I'm sure you know the drill here, but a sweep of this all over the face, neck and d├ęcolletage and job's a good'n.

Pixi Glow Tonic Cleanser

Now this next one in the lineup is the one I was most excited for; the Pixi Glow Tonic Serum* (£26). Much like it's bottled counterpart, it's designed to soften, refine and restore the skin. 2-3 drops onto the skin works to dissolve dry skin, fade dark spots and give sluggish cells a good old kick up the bum - the dream, basically.

To add some moisture back into the complexion, we have the Pixi pHenomenal Gel* (£24). If your skin is prone to feeling dry after cleansing, this may well be your perfect match. Alongside Horse Chestnut and Aloe Vera, the gel also boasts Citric Acid to balance and stabilise the pH of the skin, meaning it's one that benefits both dry and oily skin types. Winner!

Pixi pHenomenal Gel

Last but not least, the Pixi On the Glow Moisture Stick* (£18). I've already seen many a blogger speak about the brilliant results this uber portable, uber handy treat brings, perhaps down to the fact it also happens to be multi-functional - who doesn't love a good multi-functional, on-the-go product?! In addition to the Glow Tonic ingredients, this also has antioxident-packed, Vitamin D2, which dermatologists champion as a key ingredient to keep your complexion youthful and glowy.

Pixi Glow Tonic Range

What a collection! It seems Pixi can do no wrong, and this range is no exception.

Have you tried any of the above? Will you be adding the glow collection to your skincare stash?

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How to Get Organised in 2019.

How to get organised in 2019

Is anyone else feeling seriously motivated now we're into the new year? Because 2019, I am so ready for ya.

In light of this, I wanted to share a post discussing getting your sh*t together ready for the next 12 months ahead, as I am really feelin' it.

The past week I've made a list of goals that I hope to achieve, planned in what I want from my blog going forward and ticked off those little, boring jobs that I've been putting off for way too long (I'm talkin' the likes of dull yet v satisfying wardrobe clear-outs etc etc). As a result, I'm now feeling uber organised and ready to go.

So, what better time to share my go-to's for getting me feeling organised?

Reflection & goal making

Whenever we enter a new year, I always enjoy a bit of reflection on the things I've achieved, as well as a thought to elements I'm keen to improve/change/get rid of. Whether it's writing it down or simply making a mental note, I find it makes such a difference to my motivation. Not only that, it can also be massively therapeutic!

List, list, list

Speaking of writing it down, I bloody love me a good to-do list. Every week I have one sat looking at me on my desk (usually scribbled together towards the end of the previous week - a good way to clear your head of work tasks pre-weekend shenanigans in my experience) and tbh, I think I'd be lost without it. Oh, and you just can't beat the satisfaction of checking off each task once complete, am I right or am I right? Or y'know, crossing out, whatever floats your boat. Sometimes I even like to do both, because I am clearly just oh-so w.i.l.d.

Make a playlist

If there's anyone that knows how to do this, and do it well, it's Chloe Plumstead. Bougie Queen Chill is one mega creation and one you should listen to at once. If not, get your musical thinking cap on and make your own. Something that'll get you bopping and in the zone when you're doing your thing, but not distracted from the task at hand. 


As if I don't have enough of the stuff already. Is it really a new year if you haven't got a brand spanking new notebook/diary/set of pens/ruler/highlighter/calculator/protractor (I jest)? Frankly, no it is not. Starting a fresh new notebook is one of the little things in life that bring me mass amounts of joy.

Meditation & yoga

I harp on about Headspace and yoga so much, I should really be on commission. But it really does work. Calming and focusing your mind, collectively they're just known to be really good for you, so it's kind of a no-brainer for me.

Are you a fan of doing any of the above? What things do you like to do to get you prepped for the year ahead?

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Bloggers to Add to Your Reading List.

Bloggers to follow

If you're anything like me, then finding a new blog to read whilst cosying up on the sofa is your idea of one mega dreamy evening.

One of my blogging aims for 2019 is to share the love a little more in the community, as, not only is it a nice way to discover new reads, but we all know how lovely if feels when someone compliments something you put a lot of time and effort into!

So without further ado, here's a wee round-up of some of my current favourites...

Gemma Louise

I mean, have you seen Gemma's photography? Literally stunning. Her creativity with each post, from her lifestyle tips to the most beautiful flatlays you've ever laid your eyes on are what keep me going back for more.

Megan Ellaby

I'm pretty sure you'll already be familiar with Megan's blog (and amazing YouTube channel, for that matter!), as she is one hell of a girl boss. She is the ultimate cool girl, and her posts are so bloody inspiring that you just want to be her friend. I've been long-time reader now, but I just had to give Megan a mention. Oh, and if you're in the market for a bangin' new jumper, she's got you sorted with her epic brand, Saturday.

Nettle & Blackberry

Even more content goodness, this time from Nettle & Blackberry's, Imii. Her posts on everything from her travels, to her favourite things are so interesting to read. Oh, and her photos are just a dream.

Sophie Rosie

Sophie's blog is just gorgeous. Her consistent eye for photography is top-notch and she is the absolute queen when it comes to motivational lifestyle posts. Sophie is a fairly new discovery for me but a blogger I look forward to reading more from.

Beth Sandland

Beth's blog is a real goodie. She may be off travelling the world (how exciting?!), but her updates continue to appear on the regular (think insightful posts on destinations you just need to visit, as well as some very honest *and helpful* posts about life). Also, can we take a moment talk about her blog layout? LUSH.

Are you a reader of any of the bloggers above? I'd love to know your favourites!

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