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Beauty favourites blogger

I'm sure I'm not alone in the fact that one of my go-to blog posts to read, is favourites. Monthly, yearly; I'm basically down for the lot.

So since I've collected quite the stash over recent months, I thought it would be quite fitting to share one of my own...

COLAB Tropical Dry Shampoo
Ah COLAB, every lazy girl (and guy’s) hair-shaped dream. COLAB has come to my rescue many a time, however perhaps a lil more so now I’ve discovered the ‘tropical’ edition. Not only does it freshen things up in the hair department, but it leaves your locks smelling mighty fine, too. I love.

Benefit BADgal BANG! volumising mascara*
As soon as this wee tube landed on my doorstep a little while back, I knew I was going to enjoy. Yes, the packaging is something to shout about, but Benefit mascaras are also of course known for their epic results. This badass launch is unsurprisingly, no exception. The volumising wand offers pitch-black lashes with serious length. But the joy doesn’t stop there. Oh no, in true Benefit leadin' the way style, the formula contains aero-particles, one of the lightest known materials derived from space technology, meaning you’ll keep that stunning curl all day long. Or for a whopping 36 hours, according to Benefit.

The Ordinary Hyaluronic Acid
Oh my days, this stuff is good. I’ve dabbled with a few offerings of Hyaluronic Acid’s now, but this is by far my favourite. It adds a mega zap of hydration to my dry skin, and even though I’ve had my bottle for coming up five months (you go The Ordinary!), I still can’t quite get my head around the fact it cost me less than a sandwich and a coffee from Starbucks?

Beauty favourites blogger

Molton Brown Blossoming Honeysuckle and White Tea Body Lotion
Molton Brown is one of those brands that brings on major nostalgia. The packaging, the scents; basically the brand has got it all going on. So naturally I was thrilled when I was given a wee box set of MB treats a few months back. The orange and bergamot body wash is the thing of dreams this time of year, but for moisturising, y’can’t go wrong with this gem. It ticks all the boxes when it comes to its aesthetic, but it also just leaves your skin feeling really soft, too. Thanks to said bangin’ packaging, I’m now finding myself moisturising my body on a more regular basis, and the subtle sweet scent is bringing me all kinds of joy.

Neom Tranquillity Perfect Night's Sleep Bath Foam
You could say the v. extra packaging kind of gives away the fact this is one dreamy bathroom staple, no? I admit, this isn’t something I reach for every time I hop in the tub; it’s instead reserved for times I’m in the mood for more of a soak, but my god, I love it. With marshmallow and coconut, your skin is left nourished, but not before the scent of lavender, sweet basil and jasmine (along with 16 other essential oils -IKR?) helps to get you in the mood for a snooze. According to Neom, 88% of those who used this treat had a better night’s sleep, so if you’re struggling to get those 8 hours, this may be one for you.

Garnier Moisture Bomb Sakura Tissue Mask
I love me a good face mask, and this is an absolute game changer. I’ve never used a face mask that gives such quick (and positive) results. And it’s less than £2. Garnier sell several varieties of the mask, but the orchid version is the one for me. Think a hydrated, even and glowy complexion. The only downside is the fact you’ll look like a bit of a nutter for the 20 minutes you have it on.

Beauty favourites blogger

Smashbox Always Sharp Lip Liner
Smashbox is one of my go-to’s for no nonsense products that always deliver. So when running out of *yet another of* my beloved Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Liners, I decided to see what they had in store for all the liner lovers out there.

Sharpening lip liner is such a dull, but frequent task, so the Smashbox Always Sharp range caught my eye immediately. Not only does it boast a self-sharpening design, but the colour selection is right up my street. Fast forward 5 minutes of swatch galore and I was heading home with shade, ‘Audition’. It’s somewhat similar to CT Pillowtalk, but a little less on the pink side and a bit more nude. The longevity is what really impresses me about this stuff; unless you’re gobbling down a feast, there’s no budgin’ it. Definitely one that doesn’t get raved about enough.

Temple Spa Drift Away Relaxing Bathing & Massage Oil
There are quite literally no words to describe how incredible this stuff is. Think ‘top spa at home’, and you’re close. My boyfriend surprised me with the Temple Spa Do Not Disturb Peace & Relaxation Collection during our last trip to Manchester, and naturally I was blown away when I first tried this 50ml bottle that was nestled inside. Multifunctional, it can be used as either a treat poured in to the bath, or massaged into the skin. My preference is the latter, as I find it packs a punch in terms of hydration, whilst giving the most soothing, tranquil aroma. It’s a real struggle to not reach for this every day. Definitely one to snap up if you fancy a pamper.

Have you tried any of the above? What are your current favourites? I’d love to know!

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