Mac Face and Body Foundation

I'm not a fan of wearing a heavy coverage on my face. I feel it's unnecessary. I haven't always been one who likes dewy, natural looking skin though. Memories of my former 13 year old self trowling on the makeup looking like my face was set in stone; eek.

I admit I sometimes wear quite a lot of makeup on my eyes, however this isn't the case with my skin. I chop and change my foundation but on most occassions I wear Nars Tinted Moisturiser (which is amazing by the way, read my post here if you want to check it out)

However the other day I decided to pick up my bottle of Mac Face and Body. I hadn't used it in a while and I guess I'd forgotten how brilliant it is! Due to it being waterbased, it's very sheer and doesn't look cakey; the perfect foundation for me. It evens out your complexion and although being lightweight it manages to last all day. I prefer to apply this foundation with my hands and I'm left with a gorgeous, dewy glow.

As you probably noticed due to the products name, the foundation can also be applied to the body. Say if you were going out and had your legs on show, you could apply to even out your skintone.
I've never done this so I can't comment on the results, although I can imagine it would do a good job.
I purchased the foundation in the shade N3, which I use when I'm wearing fake tan. I think I may pick up a bottle to match my natural skintone as I'm embracing the pale a lot more as of late.

You can purchase the bottle in two different sizes, 50ml and 120ml. If you're interested in giving this a shot I'd definitely recommend purchasing the 120ml bottle. This is due to the fact there's only £6 difference between the two, with the smaller bottle retailing at £20.50. I think the price of this product is absolutely fantastic, as most Mac foundations tend to be sold in 30ml bottles and come with a higher price tag.

If you haven't tried this product out I really recommend doing so.


L'Occitane's Verbena Shower Gel

I'm a bath person; I always have been, and I presume I always will be. There's nothing more relaxing for me than having a long soak surrounded by amazingly scented bubbles.



Halloween 2012

Oh haii! I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween, I certainly did!



Sleek Rose Gold Blush

Ok, so first things first, I'm going to apologize as I didn't take photos of this product before I started using it. I popped it in my makeup bag then a couple of days later remembered that I hadn't taken any snaps! Due to it being a rather innexpensive product, the packaging hasn't resisted very well (as you'll see in the third photo down!). Not that this is a major problem, I just personally think it's nicer when product reviews feature photos of when the item is freshly bought!

If you are aware of products that are a major hit in the blogging world, you'll know that I'm jumping on the bandwagon a tad late with this one. Sleek's Rose Gold blush is something that has been reviewed numerous times resulting in great feedback. This product has got a name for itself being thought of as a perfect dupe for the well known Nars Orgasm blusher. To put it simply, I agree. Not only that but it is also a hell of a lot cheaper. Not that I believe cheaper makeup is better/just as good as expensive makeup, but in some cases there really are some brilliant little gems, and this is one of them.

Retailed at £4.49, it really is a bargain. It's fairly hard to pick up in Superdrug, I had to look in a handfull of different stores until I actually came across it. However you can purchase it online, here
The colours absolutely stunning, it has just the right amount of shimmer which is a great thing for me as I'm personally not too fond of face products with glitter in. It's very buildable too which is great dependant on how obvious you're wanting it to look.
Another thing that is very important in a blush is longevity, and this product ticks the box. I've applied it early on a morning, and upon return later in the day it's exactly how it was when first applied. There's no sliding around your face involved either!

Have you tried any of Sleeks products? I've heard quite good things about the eyeshadows so if you've had experience with them let me know!


The Secret Garden.

Earlier in the week I went home for a few days. I'm fortunate to live in an absolutely beautiful place in the Countryside, it's so peaceful and picturesque. I actually think I forget how much I love it when I'm away at University, so when I come home I'm in my element! While I was home we were treated to some fabulous weather so what better time than that to take some photos. My garden is quite grand so I appologise in advance for the picture-heavy post!

My favourite book when I was a child was The Secret Garden, written by Frances Hodgson Burnett, and my garden always reminds me of how I used to imagine the place in the story, when I was a child. That's the inspiration behind the photos; hence the post title.. (Also, look out for the lovely little hedgehog that was relaxing in our garden!)



Daydream Boutique Jewellery

Daydream Boutique Jewellery


Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer

 Although it's now the colder A/W months, I'm pretty lucky with my skin and hate having a heavy base on it. Therefore I'm still finding foundation a bit too much for me. That's why this must-have product is remaining in my makeup bag. I've tried a few tinted moisturizers in the past, and I can't deny that I've never particularly been taken by them. However thanks to Nars that is now a completely different story.

Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is quite a recent product to the beauty world, and is available in nine different shades. What I think I love the most about this product is how pigmented it is. Along with that, you're able to build the coverage up to suit, and despite how much this may be, it sinks into your skin beautifully. I personally apply it with my hands and only use a small amount where needed, and it leaves me with a glowing, dewy outcome.

I purchases this from Space.NK in the shade 'St Moritz', a medium shade with warm yellow undertones. It's quite expensive, retailing at £27. However I personally think this price is more than acceptable for this fantastic product!

To add to all of this, it's great for your skin;
It's ingredients include..
  • kopara ''natural polysaccharides that hydrate, condition and help encourage natural cell renewal''
  •  oceana saffron ''a plant known for its antioxidant and soothing properties''
  •  galaxaura ''a red deep-sea algae found in the islands’ lagoons that is known to be rich in calcium''
  •  vitamins A and E
  • and beta-carotene
 *Ingredients + descriptions gathered from the product page on Spake.NK's website, visible here.*

The only slightly critical thing I would say about this product is that if your skin isn't freshly exfoliated, after a while it clings to any dry patches on the skin. However if you ensure your skin is freshly scrubbed, that won't happen!

I highly recommend this product and it will remain in my makeup bag until the tube runs out...to which I will then re-buy! You can purchase it from Nars and Space.NK counters or on both their websites.




Weekly Wish List

Weekly Wish List



It's a Marmergency! The Marmife kit includes a Marmife, The Little Book Of Marmite Tips, and a pot of Marmite to get you started
Image taken from the Daily Mail's article linked above.
Super random and off topic post, I know. However how awesome is this?!



Weekly Wish List

Weekly Wish List


O.P.I Original Nail Envy Nail Strengthener

Just a quick post today guys! My nails are something that irritate me so much due to the fact they are so weak and peel like there's no tomorrow! I was quite ill last year and since then they just haven't been the same. I've tried various nail strengthening products but nothing's quite done the trick. However recently I've come across quite a few reviews of O.P.I Original Nail Envy, and heard endless praises of the product, so when I was in Boots today I decided to pick some up and give it a try. 

Obviously the results won't be instant, so I'm going to test it for two weeks and then do a more in-depth post on it. Fingers crossed it does the job!



Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil

 The first thing I have to ask before starting this review, is how did I ever manage to go without this product?! Seriously, it's that good. In the past I'd never really been one to buy my makeup from Urban Decay. There was no particular reason for this, I just simply didn't buy from the brand. But then just under a year ago, I bought the Naked palette. From then on I've literally been in love with the brand. Yes, the products are pretty expensive, but nothing eye-wateringly painful. With the majority of makeup, you really do get what you pay for, and from my experiences with the brand, UD goes hand-in-hand with that.

The 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil's come in a variety of different shades, twenty-four to be precise, and are retailed at £13. I purchased Underground, a medium taupe brown shade with a slight metallic hint to it. I mainly wear this eyeliner when I am going for a brown smokey eye, for which I will also wear UD's 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner and the UD Naked Palette.

The eyeliner itself if just brilliant. I apply it on the morning, and upon return after a long day it's still there, no budging at all. I also love the fact you can smudge it to your heart's content, but I must add, only for a short while, after this there's no moving it! I absolutely adore the shade, I feel it really compliments the colour of my eyes and as a result makes them stand out.
I purchased this eyeliner in Sephora in France, however I will definitely be picking up more of these eyeliners in some other shades... I'm liking the look of 'Demolition' and 'Electric'.

Has anyone else tried this product? What did you think?

Delilah Dust

Delilah Dust



The Jewels Boutique - My Wishlist!

The Jewels Boutique



Again, if you haven't read earlier today, I've stupidly left my lovely camera back at home *sob* so until I go back to visit, I'm stuck using my phone, and along with that I'm lacking the quality to take a good photo. 


Untitled #23

Untitled #23


Zara Wish List .2

Zara Wish List .2



Ginger Pickle Online Boutique

Ginger Pickle Boutique


Recieve 20% Off At Motel Rocks

Motel Rocks Wishlist

Twitter Account

I've decided to finally cave in and join the Twitter world, give me a follow I'd appreicate it! https://twitter.com/BryDodds


Zara Taylor Vintage Turquoise Matrix Ring

This is regretfully an incredibly overdue post for me. Being addicted to Made In Chelsea and the fashion surrounding the show, I was ecstatic when I discovered that a lot of the jewellery featured didn't cost half of the Earth. Zara Taylor designs are one of a kind, and heavily inspired by vintage , I have wrote about her pieces previously in my blog if you're interested in more information.

One item in particular that had always caught my eye was the Vintage Turquoise Matrix Ring; made from a vintage stone and crafted with a choice of either 24k gold or silver. However since both Millie and Caggie have worn the ring, they're in high demand and sell out incredibly fast. So when Zara Taylor posted on her Facebook a while ago saying she could make a few more, I jumped at the chance to get one! My boyfriend very kindly offered to get me it for our Anniversary which was a month or so later. 

I've literally worn this ring everyday since I received it, and am so impressed with the quality. I'm already building a little shopping list of other Zara Taylor pieces that I'm lusting after, starting with the Ribbed Cuff Bracelet in Gold, and the Brass Collar Necklace. So thanks to Zara and I will definitly be purchasing again from her again very soon!

Weekly Wish List

Weekly Wish List



Urban Decay 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner

This product is my most treasured cosmetic item that I have bought in a very long time, and it is Urban Decay's 24/7 Liquid Eyeliner. I have forever been on the hunt for the perfect liquid eyeliner, and I can now safely say that I have found it!



Blogger Challenge For Vaseline's Limited Edition Flavour 2012

If you have dry, cracked lips which have a tendency to occur in the weather in Britain, Vaseline is always something you can rely on to put a stop to it. So this year the brand are bringing out yet another new limited addition flavour. However this year the flavour is so far anonymous; they have set a challenge for the lip salve blogger fans to guess the flavour. How fun is that?!

Vaseline announced the news of the mystery flavour on their Facebook page and set bloggers the challenge of not just guessing the secret flavour, but also designing a tin to match it! When sent the unbranded tin, items for decoration were also sent with, along with some clues to help guess what it may be. Not only that, but the winner of the challenge, will win a trip to Paris! Adding to that, a lucky blogger who comments on the post will also be jetting to the City of love!

I'm so gutted that I missed out on the opportunity to do this but I was on holiday at the time so didn't find out about it until I returned home :(

So after feeling rather envious reading many blog posts on the subject, bloggers seem to have come to the conclusion that the anonymous flavour is infact- Pink Champagne! How divine!

The limited addition 2012 Vaseline will be available at Selfridges from the 5th September and is set to be retailed at a super reasonable £3.49; I for one can't wait to try it!


Say Goodbye To Foundation Mishaps

Most of us know that finding the perfect foundation is a pretty difficult task. Swatching a foundation in Boots which seems compatible, then when you get it home; crap, it's too orange! Or, no too pasty! However thanks to No7's new innovative invention, times like these may be coming to an end.



Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar Set To Take Over Liverpool

Cosmetic addicts will be thriving at the news that luxury fashion department store, Harvey Nichols, are launching a stand alone beauty space. Taking up a grand 22,000 sq f, it will be set over three floors, Beauty Bazaar is set to stock everything one could possibly dream of within beauty, and a little bit more.
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