Kiehl's Skincare Staples.

First of all, Happy 2018! I can't quite believe that it's come around already, but I hope you had an amazing Christmas and New Year, and are as excited about the year ahead as I am.

Now before you scratch your head and question if you've suddenly ventured back to the 2012 world of blogging (hello products photographed on bedding); when your bed looks this badass, a gal's just gotta make the most of it. This rather peachy set is from Urban Outfitters, and I'm sure you'll agree, is one of my finest purchases as of late.

But this here post isn't about my slumber zone, oh no, I'm of course going to chat about my long-time love of Kiehl's.

Being a beauty junkie, I've tried my fair share of skincare over the years, however Kiehl's is one of the few brands that I continue to go back to.

Back in November, I came to the end of a bottle of my beloved Midnight Recovery Concentrate, and damn, did I notice. I'm talking dry, sore, just overall unhappy skin. However, with my lovely boyfriend very kindly treating me to the Kiehl's Skincare Gift Set as an early Christmas present, my complexion woes were quickly solved.

I posted a full review of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (30ml), however the best way to sum it up would be to say it's essentially magic in a bottle. With regular use my skin is less red, less dull, more even in tone, and it really is an absolute treat to apply before heading to bed. Oh, and don't fret about having to replace this one on the regular; a bottle will last you MONTHS.

Also in the kit were (I say 'were' as it's sadly sold out online), two of my other skincare staples; the Ultra Facial Moisturiser (30ml) and the Daily Reviving Concentrate (4ml). Though the M.R.C. may be may favourite of the bunch, these two are also mighty fine.

Having dry skin, together the above create the perfect base for applying everything from foundation, to highlight, keeping those dreaded patches at bay. The Daily Reviving Concentrate contains a trio of oils and is designed to "strengthen skin's defenses against daily aggressors to keep skin youthful and radiant-looking all day." The Ultra Facial Moisturiser also knows a thing or two about upping the ante when it comes to radiance. Despite its fairly lightweight consistency, you only need the smallest amount to cover the entire face, with it absorbing quickly, ready for your coverage of choice.

Finally in the set, the Ultra Facial Cleanser (75ml) was a new one to me, but one (in true Kiehl's fashion) that also gets a thumbs up. Though the formula transforms into a foam, it surprisingly works with my skin type, but I have to say, I have a feeling my moisture lovin' skin would probably love the Midnight Recovery Botanical Cleansing Oil even more.

One additional Kiehl's skincare staple that I've had in my stash for a good amount of time (since November '16 in fact... with daily use. That's pretty damn impressive if you ask me!) is the Creamy Eye Treatment. At 24, I'm probably not someone that necessarily NEEDS to be using an eye cream, but it's a good routine to get into. This also works well under concealer and keeps the area soft and concealer-crease free. Basically, it's a yes from me.

So, in case you couldn't tell, Kiehl's rock it in the skincare department.

Have you tried any of the above? I'd love to know your skincare recommendations!

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