The Bathory Personalised Bath Salts.

OK, you got me. Major blogger sin, I may have got a little too excited with this product and used it before taking pictures... oops.

Whilst this isn't something I wanna get into the hang of doing, on this occasion I guess it highlights my true love for The Bathory*, no? So, if you dig baths, nice smells and those chilled, chilled evenings, keep on readin'.

The Bathory don't do things by halves. Hell no, you just need to look on their site to see their bold claim. 'The best bath of your life' - my expectations were subsequently high.

I have peaked early in life, I'm officially a granny at (almost) 22. Invite me round for a Dominoes, Netflix sesh and bubble bath and you're officially my perfect human being. Ok, maybe not the bath part, may be a tad awkward, (?) but my point here is that I bloody luuurve a good bath. 

If you enjoy a good scrubba-dub-in-the-tub too, you need to hit up The Bathory, stat. Not only does their bad ass claim make it perhaps the most appealing thing you will ever hear in your life, but the concept is amazing. Personalise to suit your mood, um, yes please.

Simply rock on over to The Bathory, and let the magic begin. D'ya wanna 'Bask', 'Soothe' or 'Detox'? The possibilities...

With that delightful decision aside, it's then time to select from a whopping ten essential oils. If the likes of lavender or sandalwood are your thing, so be it, however The Bathory lets you choose up to three.

That done, all that's left to do is wait for your gorgeously packaged treat to arrive.

When that day comes round, you've got one last, very difficult, decision to make. Give into the 'best bath..' claim, or use sparingly so to prolong the goodness... I opted for the latter, spreading into three soaks, and I have to say, it was three glorious evenings.

Squeezed into my evening routine, not only did I emerge from the tub with smooth, beautifully smelling skin, but on all occasions I had a seriously great nights sleep.

So what did I opt for?

I can't lie here, it took me a good 20 minutes to settle on a combination (I take my baths very seriously I'll have you know). In the end, I opted for 'Bask', designed to draw out toxins, soothe the body and improve sleep. When it came to the essential oil side of things, Bergamot, Sandalwood and Frankincense were my combination of choice.

 It was ahhh-mazing, seriously. The bath (x3) that dreams are made of.

At £18, you may not be so keen to use the stuff in one go, however the bath salts would make a wonderful gift, or even just an occasional treat for those with a deep love for cleaning their bodies..

Now the baths are sadly behind me, my relationship with The Bathory is far from over. Oh no friends, my empty jar has gained a prime spot on my desk as an exceptionally pretty makeup brush holder. Winning.

I would 100% recommend trying the personalised bath salts for yourself, however if I've not managed to fully persuade you, I'm sure the dreamy site will.

Have you tried The Bathory
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