Crazy For Coconut Oil

Unless you've been hiding under a rock these past few months, then you'll probably have heard a thing or two about coconut oil. Basically the new 'thing' in the cosmetic world, many well known beauty experts have seemingly scrapped their entire routines in favour of the stuff. So, what's so good about this coconut oil then, ey? Let me tell you...

If you dig the whole cleansing oil thing, then this may be for you. Coconut oil works marvellously when it comes to taking off your scrap. Foundation, done. Mascara, done. What more could you want? Simply scoop out a tea-spoons worth, massage into the hands to help melt the consistency, then apply to the face, working in circular motions over the skin and eyes. After use, the skin is left glowing and silky smooth. If your skin has the tendency to break out, however, then it may be worth sticking to your regular cleanser and doing this just once or twice a week due to the thick oily base.

Hair Mask
Another great use for Coconut oil, is on the hair - the product proves to be rather handy when your locks need a little extra love. I like to use it as an overnight mask, applying a large amount, and rinsing off when the morning comes. Thanks to the fatty acids in the oil, the hair is left nourished, soft and manageable. Oh, and smelling pretty great, too.

Body Moisturiser
I'm a sucker for a good body moisturiser, and this evidently ticks all the boxes for me. The oily consistency makes it great for massaging into the skin, leaving it both hydrated and radiant. It's also brilliant at working those extra dry spots, knees, elbows, ankles - you know the drill. And as previously mentioned, it leaves you smelling pretty darn awesome. 

Oil Pulling
So perhaps the most 'on trend' way to use your Coconut oil right now, is to oil pull. Oil pulling in itself is pretty huge as of late, and can be done using a variety of different oils. However I, and many others prefer to use coconuts offering thanks to it's sweet, pleasant taste. Similarly to a mouthwash, you simply (?) swish the oil around your mouth for around 20 minutes, morning and night. The oil then captures the bacteria you would normally swallow, whilst clearing out the oral cavity. Sounds pretty gross, but oil pulling happens to have a number of health benefits such as healthier gums, whiter teeth and glowing skin. I've only recently jumped on the bandwagon for this one, but so far so good.

(It's worth mentioning that the best kind of oil to use if you want to reap the benefits is the organic, unrefined, cold pressed variety.)

Have you tried coconut oil? Are there any other ways I should be using my jar of the stuff?


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  1. Great post, I love a good multipurpose product! Oil pulling sounds strange but the benefits are good so I might try it :) xx


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