Neal's Yard Remedies Blog Event, Leeds.

On Tuesday I travelled up to Leeds for the Neal's Yard Remedies blogger event located in the beautiful Victoria Quarter store (think great lighting + elegant interiors = the perfect, Instagram-worthy equation). Held in hour long sessions throughout the day, I went along with my lovely gal pal Jess (or Foxxtailz, if you read her blog) where we met the lovely team and learnt a little more about the brand. I've been a fan of Neal's Yard for a while now (see my various posts here) so I was pretty excited to attend!

Not only were we kindly offered a mini massage in one of the beautiful aromatherapy treatment rooms upon arrival (I went for the hand option where I was able to sample the Bee Lovely range) but there were healthy canapes and drinks to snack on including some pretty delicious smoothies from Filmore & Union.

Yes, these were as delicious as they looked!

My previous experiences with NYR have mainly been with their skincare and body products (which are very good indeed), but since having a good nosey throughout the store I'm keen to try out the rest of their collections. There was a huge display filled with the various aromatherapy fragrances and diffusers on offer, plus the coolest Lumie Bodyclock you've ever seen - not only does the light adjust according to your needs, but it releases two fragrances (of your choice), one for the A.M. to help wake you from your slumber, and another to encourage you to drift off on an evening. Amazing.

So I may have said I already knew a fair bit about the brand, however I was unaware that they also catered to babies and makeup addicts.... is there anything Neal's Yard don't do? I think you could pretty much exclusively buy from the brand and still have everything you need beauty wise.

The Wild Rose Beauty Balm pictured below is without a doubt, my all-time favourite skincare product (I've mentioned it here if you fancy a read). Not only is it a total multi-tasker, but it's suitable for almost all skin types meaning you can rely on it regardless of your particular complexion troubles. Also, the scent, like all Neal's Yard products, is just amazing.

We were also given the chance to try out both Superfoods as they were incorporated into the nibbles and drinks - I definitely need to add both to my kitchen stash as they'll be perfect in homemade smoothies! Designed to detoxify and boost well-being and vitality, they're great to work in to a balanced, healthy diet.

I had a lovely afternoon with the girls, who were not only seriously friendly and welcoming, but totally clued up on the brand and products. It was great to get the chance to pick their brains and find out what items they'd recommend for our individual needs (I snapped up a bottle of the Mahonia Clear Skin Formula so I'm excited to see how it performs - expect a review coming your way in the next couple of months).

We were also very kindly gifted a goody bag of treats including a huge jar of Organic Virgin Coconut Oil* which can literally be used for pretty much everything in life (see my post here) - think cooking, smoothies, skincare, oil pulling, an eye makeup remover and a hair treatment, it does it all, and very well I may add.

*If you fancy learning a little more about the NYR brand, I recently shared a post discussing my go-to products and why they rock, here*.

Are you a fan of Neal's Yard Remedies? What are your favourite products from the brand? I'd love to know any recommendations you may have!


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