Valentino Valentina

It's only the last year or so where I've really become fond of building a fragrance wardrobe. In the past I would simply stick to the same day-to-day scent, more often than not, repurchasing, though nowadays I like to mix it up a little. I'm not a fan of overly sweet scents, generally reaching for more woody, deeper alternatives. Valentino's Valentina*, however, combines both femininity and sensuality, resulting in a fresh, romantic fragrance. With notes of bergamot, white truffle, orange blossom and vanilla, it's unlike anything I've smelt before and is both delicate and sophisticated on the skin. 

Valentina is the perfect addition for those who enjoy wearing classic, womanly scents. The bottle design complements the aroma perfectly, presenting it's subtle, ladylike elegance without being too 'over the top'. It's also worth mentioning that the lasting power of this is top notch. You can get a good five or six hours without needing a top-up spritz which for me, is totally brilliant. Although I do tend to favour musky fragrances, it's nice to play around with such, so this is definitely something I will be spritzing on the days I'm feeling extra girly. 

Have you tried Valentina*? Does it sound like something you would enjoy wearing?

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