The Sunday Pamper

Sometimes, when you feel like crap, there's nothing better than a little 'me time'. Whether that's taking a long bath, treating yourself to a face mask, or painting your nails, it can leave you feeling a lot more relaxed. Personally, I like to go to town when it comes to this, so let me present to you my favourite way to kick back on a Sunday evening...

Bathe - All good pamper sessions start with a bubble bath. Add in an extra squirt of your current favourite product, maybe even throw in a Lush bath bomb for good luck. You deserve it. (Twilight's a good'n if you're after a serious slumber) After soaking up the soothing aromas, I like to start scrubbin'. For this, I find the Soap and Glory's Scrub of Your Life to be all kinds of awesome. Smells good, leaves your skin feeling even better. Following this I reach for more S&G goodness, this time, Clean on Me. Maybe if I'm feeling a little wild, I might throw on a hair mask, but generally speaking, who can be bothered to spend forever drying their locks when they're chillin'? If I was to give my hair some extra nourishment however, Philip Kingsley's Hair Elasticizer Extreme is where it's at.

Moisturise - After all that exfoliating, I like to add the moisture right back into my skin. I tend to switch around with my body creams, but exclusively for the tops of my arms, Lush's Dream Cream is, as the name suggests, a total dream, When it comes to the rest of my body I've been loving the Kiehl's Creme De Corps, which if you're wondering, totally lives up to the hype. Finally, and yet more S&G, I smother my feet in the deliciously smelling Heel Genius, pop on some fluffy socks and hey presto.

Skincare - Closely behind bathing, skincare is my second favourite step in my pamper routine. I like to start by refreshing with the Melvita Fresh Micellar Water, following up with the wonderfully luxurious Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser. After leaving to do it's magic for a few minutes, I then rinse off and give my face a little polish with Liz Earle's Gentle Face Exfoliator. The best I've tried, it does a great job at smoothing dry, flaky skin without being at all abrasive. Next I apply the Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask. This one's a great, cheaper alternative to the Origins Clear Improvement (which is also wonderful) with the addition that it gently warms once on the skin. Lovely. I've also been trying out the Dr. Sebagh Serum Repair from my Liberty Advent Calendar to see how it compares to my beloved Hydraluron, and so far so good. After few drops of the serum, I have a final scrub session, this time on my lips with the Lush Mint Julips. I then rub on a little of the Omorovicza Perfecting Lip Balm, and apply my moisturiser of choice, which today happens to be the Origins Make a Difference +.

Nails - It's not often that I paint my nails. Nibbling away doesn't leave me with all that much to work with, so unless I'm really feeling it, a strengthening coat is the direction I head to. Essie's Help Me Grow is something every nail biter needs in their stash. I find the polish really assists in protecting nails from the dreaded breakage, resulting in long(er) talons. Being a base coat, it also does a cracking job at helping to get the most out of your manicure. Basically, it rocks.

And that, my friends, is when I tend to call it a night. Once my nails are dry, of course. Girl got no time for that hair/pillow stick. 

Do you ever take the time for a pamper night? What steps do you like to go through? Are there any products I should be filtering into mine?


  1. I love setting aside time for a pamper session~ ^ ^
    Especially when it is in the comfort of my own home! ^ - ^


  2. Replies
    1. It's a wonderful basket huh? Thanks for reading Zazie x

  3. I'd love to do a Sunday pamper session with my favorite products.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |


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