Zara, day and night.

I've decided to whip up a weekly new feature on my blog showing my top pics when it comes to my favourite brands. Each Friday I'll pick out an outfit (or two) of what I'd rather happily wear, both day, and night. And what better brand to start off with, but Zara.

Zara is probably one of my favourite stores on the high street. Their clothes are great quality and they don't cost the earth. Admittedly, it wasn't easy to narrow it down to just one outfit, so I picked  out a few different options. As you can see from both images, I haven't exactly gone crazy accessory-wise. I'm not overly fond of the jewellery sold on the website if I'm honest, so I've left that bit out.

Day: I'm not going to win any awards for having the most colourful wardrobe. Browns, blacks and khakis fill up about 70% of my wardrobe, so if you're looking for something a little more bold then perhaps this might not be your cup of tea. Maxi dresses are always a good idea in the Summer months. Totally easy to wear, and styling them up is a dream. Normally I would add a stack of bracelets and a loada rings. However for today, we'll just have to stick to a denim jacket, cool sandals and a bad-ass city bag. Jumpsuits aren't normally something I would pick out, however I really loved the way this looked on the model on the website. I love it's simplicity and I think it would be really easy to wear.

Night: Again, I present to you an image filled to the brim with colour. Black, grey, and khaki. So wild. If I was hitting the town, or going out for dinner, when it comes to Zara offerings, this is what I'd sport. Most of all, I need to get my hands on that rucksack. *insert heart-eye emoji*.

Are you a Zara fan?

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