Spring Beauty Favourites

I adore Spring just as much as my overflowing beauty stash, so I thought why not combine the two and show you my current, cosmetic favourites for this glorious time of year. Some of the items in the post I've already raved about on my blog, however there's a few new additions for me to share...

Lush's Dream Cream is my most recent purchase, and probably one of my favourite purchases of the year so far. Literally a dream cream for anyone suffering with Keratosis Pilarisor sensative skin. Read my full review, here.  Keeping in the body care category, we have Nivea's In-Shower Body Conditioner. I'd heard many raving review on this product, so I'm not sure why it took me so long to pick it up. Now I have, I know there needs to be a constant stock of the stuff in my shower. It's the perfect product for those in a rush first thing, or who simply despise the chore of daily moisturising. And if I haven't persuaded you enough already, it's only a few pounds too.

If you read my blog regularly, you'll know that being a pale lady, I often sample out various fake tans to help give me that golden glow. My current tan of choice comes from the fabulous, Cocoa Brown. If you haven't heard of this, I've gotta ask that cliché, overused question - where've you been? It's seriously good, seriously cheap and doesn't stink of biscuits. Awesome. Review, here.

When it comes to hair, it's all about volume and shine in my eyes. For seriously glossy locks, I reach for my Moroccan Oil. Every time. I'm sure you already know how great this product is, but if not, have a little read of my review. Next, to achieve that big, bouncy look, I spritz on the Charles Worthington Volume & Bounce Texturising Spray. I picked this up a while ago now, but it's only recently I've become somewhat hooked. Check my review and see if I can tempt you to pick up a bottle for yourself. 

I've been pretty faithful to my skincare routine as of late. The Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel has been within arms length, morning and night, for a fair few months now. Luxurious, soothing and hydrating - I think this is my favourite cleanser of all time. Review here. To lock in the moisture after my cleanse, I've been applying the well hyped, Hydraluron. This product is life changing in the skin department. Whenever I skip this on those lazy skin days, I notice a huge difference. It's not cheap, but it lasts forever, making it worth every penny. Review here

Generally, I'm not one for a matte base on the skin, instead opting for a glowy, natural look on most occasions. Two products I use to achieve this, are courtesy of Bourjois and Benefit. The Bourjois Healthy Mix Serum Gel Foundation is designed to boost the natural radiance within the skin. I apply with my Real Techniques Buffing Brush and am left with an even, dewy complexion. To add a little extra to my skin, I use Benefit's Watts Up. Possibly the most beautiful highlighter out there, this champagne toned stick adds a gorgeous, subtle shimmer. 

Although not the most 'spring' colour, I've been painting my talons non-stop with Revlon's Colorstay Enamel in Midnight - a deep, teal-based shade. £7.99 for a glossy, long lasting manicure, what's not to love?

Finally, spring isn't spring without a brand-spankingly new candle. The White Company always seem to get it right, and my latest addition to my collection comes from their White Lavender range. £20 for a candle is by no means cheap, but considering the amount of use you get out of them, it's well worth parting with. 

So that's my rather excessive collection of beauty favourites for the Spring. Although it's soon to be Summer, so I best starting hunting out a stash for then...

What are your favourite products of the moment?


  1. Dream cream is seriously good and so light weight! I love it in every weather! I find the Clarins cleanser not "squeaky clean" which is what I like! Will go back to it when its colder!

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