Soap & Glory Shower Gel and Body Lotions

Soap & Glory is a brand I'm no stranger to. I've been a fan for quite a lengthy amount of time now and I'm always more than impressed whenever I try something new from the range. 

Starting off, we have The Daily Smooth Ultra Rich Body Lotion. Containing sweet almond oil, rosehip seed, shea butter and skin brightening mango peel extract, I find this to be the perfect choice first thing in the morning before hitting the cold climate outside. After use, the skin feels instantly hydrated and smooth. The scent of the moisturiser isn't quite as intense or sweet as some of the other S&G products, instead it bears a slightly deeper aroma. Having said that, it's fairly subtle, so there's no need to worry about any interfering if you're wearing perfume. Like all products from the brand, you get your certainly get some bang for your buck. 500ml for £10 - you really can't grumble.

The Clean On Me Shower Gel is one of my absolute favourites.The smell is simply AH-MAZING. This is something I will always continue to repurchase, although a little bit really goes a long way, so it doesn't need happen all that often. It lathers up wonderfully on the skin, and after stepping out of the shower, the scent lingers for hours (which is definitely a good thing, FYI). A 500ml bottle retails at the ridiculously awesome price of £6. 

Sugar Crush Body Buttercream If you suffer from dry skin, then basically - you need this. I tend to apply this on an evening, after emerging from the tub. Although, like The Daily Smooth lotion, it's also a good'n to rub on first thing, thanks to it's invigorating, zesty aroma. The ingredients are a rather scrumptious cocktail of shea and cocoa nut balm, lime, almond oils and kiwi juice water. I own a fair few of the Soap & Glory body butters, but I find this to be slightly thicker in consistency, which results in ridiculously soft (and amazing smelling) skin. You can pick this up for £10.50. 

Are you a fan of Soap & Glory?



  1. I love Soap and Glory and can never resist the big beauty boxes they release every year :D currently using Clean on Me and its the best this ever :D

    Thanks for sending your link over at #bblogger chat, just followed :D

    Sophia Meola | A Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog


    1. Everything's lovely isn't it? Thanks for the follow Sophia! x


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