Deep Sleep Dream Cream

If like me, you spend a certain amount of time each night trying to nod off, then perhaps you should think about adding This Works into your evening wind-down routine. I already have the Stress Less roller-ball and the Pillow Spray from the range (which are both wonderful) whilst the Dream Cream is a more recent addition to my collection.

A soothing combination of lavender, vetivert and wild camomile, the cream is designed to hydrate the skin, whilst the aromatherapy oils help you to relax and unwind. I tend to go all out and use all three products from the range at the same time,  although having said that the cream works just as well on it's own.

At £18, the Dream Cream is definitely something that I will continue to repurchase as I feel it helps me to fall asleep much easier. Have you tried it?



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