Oqibo Hydra Restore Cream

I was recently contacted by Oqibo and asked if I would like to sample one of their products. Oqibo isn't a brand I'd previously heard of, but I love me a bit of skincare goodness, so I was intrigued to give them a whirl. I was asked a few details about my skin type, to which they then told me that their Hydra Restore Cream* would be the best option for me. My skin can get particularly dry around this time of year, so anything that can inject the moisture back into it gets a big thumbs up from me. Containing shea butter, glasswort oil and jojoba, after use, the cream leaves my skin feeling both soft and hydrated. 

What I particularly like about this, is the speed it sinks into the skin. Although nourishing, it's incredibly lightweight, meaning you don't feel it sitting on the skin for a somewhat short eternity. I tend to use this first thing on a morning as I find it to be a great base for my makeup. 

The Hydra Restore Cream* retails at £33.15 and you can pick it up here.

Have you tried Oqibo?



  1. I got give a tester of this too and I absolutely loved it, such a lovely moisturiser. Love your blog too.

    Hannah xxx

    1. It's such a great moisturiser. Thanks a bunch Hannah! x


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