Top 5 Wellness Podcasts

The past six months I have truly rekindled my love for a good podcast.

Free, informative and oh-so enjoyable, podcasts are now becoming part of a daily routine for many.

Whether you're getting ready for the day ahead (a.k.a. getting ready for a day in the house) or cooking up a storm in the kitchen, podcasts are the perfect accompaniment for the task at hand.

Although there are many a classic out there, with the likes of Emma Gannon Ctrl Alt Delete, and Ted Talks Daily, my go-to genre centres around wellness.

From mental health and exercise, to diet and supplementation, there's something for everyone.

The Doctor's Kitchen
Dr Rupy Aujla's podcast has been going since 2017, with over 60 episodes covering a wide array of focus points, including habits, depression and yoga. Each episode, Rupy, who is a medical doctor specialising in general practice, welcomes a guest onto his channel to discuss the subject of the week.

Most of The Doctor's Kitchen episodes span anywhere from 30 to 90 minutes and they really are such a fantastic investment of your time.

Recommended episodes: The Brain Gut Connection with Dr Rabia Lalani  Motivation with Joe Wicks  |  Eat for Inflammation with Dr Anita Mitra

Get Your Glow Back with Madeleine Shaw
It's almost guaranteed that you will already be familiar with Madeleine and her (fabulous) work in the world of wellness, but did you know she boasts her own podcast?

With weekly uploads, she delves into conversations on stress, meditation, food and more. Get Your Glow Back is primarily aimed at motherhood, though many of the episodes hand themselves to topics useful for all, whether you are a parent or not.

Madeleine's bubbly and knowledgable persona keeps her loyal listeners coming back for more every Tuesday.

Recommended episodes: Skin Nutrition with Erica Rodriguez  |  5 Minutes to Change Your Life with Dr Ragan Chatterjee  |  Combatting the Anxiety Epidemic with Chloe Brotheridge

Happy Place
Alongside launching a wellbeing collection in Boots, publishing three best-selling books and organising her own festival (yes, really), famed TV and radio presenter, Fearne Cotton also hosts an incredible podcast, Happy Place. There's no denying, she is a busy woman indeed.

Bringing in celebrities and experts, her podcasts are published on a weekly basis, with over 40 episodes spanning back to 2018 to enjoy. Topics covered include everything from mental health and positivity, to daydreaming and transformational breathing.

Recommended episodes: Russell Brand: In Isolation  |  Sam Fender  |  Bryony Gordon  |  Dolly Alderton  |  Rebecca Dennis

Deliciously Ella
Back in 2015 Ella Woodward quickly became a household name for those interested in the health and wellness industry.

What started as a personal project for Ella transformed (almost overnight) into a business that includes cookbooks, snacks, an app and a successful podcast - to name just a few.

The Deliciously Ella podcast is a go-to for those looking to both inspire and motivate themselves. Each episode brings a new topic, so whether you're keen to explore the ins and outs of gut health, the steps towards accepting failure, or the power of digital detox, there's something new to learn in under 60 minutes.

Recommended episodes: How to Build a Healthy, Happy Brain  |  Do We Need a Digital Detox  |  Creating a More Mindful Life  |  How to Break a Habit and Make Lasting Changes  |  How to Have a Healthy Gut

The Neom No B.S. Guide to Wellbeing
First things first, if you're yet to experience this beautiful, beautiful brand, you must visit the Neom website at once.

The Yorkshire-born wellness brand has a history not too dissimilar to Ella Woodward's, starting off small and blossoming into a well-respected, natural business that can be found in stores throughout the UK.

Alongside the products, The Neom No B.S. Guide to Wellbeing podcast launched in June 2019 and consists of six inspiring sessions with industry experts. You will find yourself learning about sleep, energy, mental health and the all-important wellbeing toolkit. A must.

Recommended episodes: All of them! Though the Chloe Brotheridge: The Anxiety Solution episode is quite appropriate for recent times.


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