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What better way to kick-start my blog posts for 2020 than discussing one of my all-time favourite brands?

Whether your resolution for the new year is to stress less, sleep better, feel more energised or be overall happier, Neom have your back.

From the history and the (organic) ingredients, to the packaging and, of course, the products themselves, the brand are bloody incredible!

I originally sampled the delights of Neom back in 2013 (hello vintage post) and I knew they were a brand to keep on my radar. Fast forward seven years, and I absolutely did just that.

After listening to a podcast with Neom founder, Nicola Elliot where she was discussing the significance of a 'wellbeing toolkit', I have since adopted the idea into my everyday routine and I-am loving-it.

Whether it's ten minutes of meditation before bed, taking supplements and/or using aromatherapy, it can make the biggest difference.

'Small steps, big difference'.

One of the many reasons I love using Neom is thanks to the overall experience you have when enjoying the products. It's not just a case of quickly slapping on some body butter, or lighting a candle and then job's a good'n.

It's the branding, the gorgeous scents (formulated with 100% natural ingredients), and the benefits you reap from each use - don't forget the 7-11 breathing technique for added zen...

Choose from the four wellbeing ranges depending on your needs - Scent to Sleep, Scent to De-Stress, Scent to Make You Happy and Scent to Boost Your Energy.

Yes, they may not be the cheapest of purchases, but they are well worth it and I truly believe each is a fantastic investment in yourself. Even more so, a little really does go a long way so you won't be running out in a flash.

So, in case you couldn't tell, I'm a mega fan of the brand.

If you're looking for a go-to item to introduce yourself, I'd recommend the Pulse Point, the Real Luxury Body & Hand Wash or one of their incredible Hand Balms (seriously put this on and not only will you have super-soft hands, but people will be asking you what you've used from the other side of the room).

Are you a fellow Neom fan? If so what are your favourite products?

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