Heat, Sweat and Tube-proof Makeup.

I seriously dig makeup. I can't get enough of the stuff, in fact. Whilst that's great and all, unfortunately, it seems that my face can't, either. This, combined with the recent heatwave subsequently means whatever I choose to put on my skin/eyes/lips, is literally gone by 3pm. Frankly, that's not all that great when a girl got places to be and people to see...

As I'm sure there'll be plenty of others with the same dilemma, I thought I'd share my go-to products that I reach for when I need my makeup to last. Take that, sweaty tube ride...

For the days I'm fancying adding a bit of shadow to my look, this Nars primer is a total godsend. The products lightweight consistency promises a full day of eyeshadow goodness, intensifying the original shade. Basically, it rocks.

Whether you're a foundation or tinted moisturiser buff, a quick powder of this will keep your base in place (unintended rhyming there..). I'm not a fan of the whole 'matte' look, but this baby both boosts and evens the complexion without giving it that undesired, 'flat' finish. A great dupe for high-end powders.

When it comes to concealer, I have several requirements. I'm a concealer diva, if you will. If it's not long-lasting, hydrating and generally flawless - I don't wanna know. Luckily, the Clarins Instant Concealer ticks all three boxes for me, making it a must-have for days I want my skin to look on-point. I received this not so long ago for my birthday (check out my haul here) and a full review is most definitely on the cards in the near future. 

Ah, Charlotte Tilbury. Will she ever release a lame product, I think not. Her Rock 'n' Kohl liners are the creme de la creme of all liners, ever, and not only is the formula both creamy and smoky in all the right ways, but ridiculously long wearing. This bad boy ain't coming off until you want it to, that's for sure. Bedroom Barbarella Brown and Marlene Midnight are next on my list.

Damn, I love this product. Scrap that, I love all Hourglass products. The packaging, the formulas, the shade ranges... major swoon. But if we're strictly talkin' lip-shaped treats, it's all about the Opaque Rouges. Canvas happens to be the perfect pink, natural lip shade, but Ballet and Icon are both pretty spectacular too. At least they are when I get all swatch-crazy in Space NK, that is. Pop on a slick of lip balm underneath and you'll be sporting a perfect matte pout from am to pm.

What products do you rely on when the sun makes an appearance? Are there any sweat-proof products I need to be trying?

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