S'all About The Birkenstocks.

So my lil feet have been doing a happy dance the past week or so, as I am now the proud owner of this beautiful, beautiful pair of Birkenstocks*. The lovely people over at Cloggs Footwear kindly allowed me to pick a pair of shoes from the site, and naturally, I was drawn to these - and can you blame me? Look at them! 

I've been after a pair of Birkenstocks for the longest time, particularly the Arizonas*, and since getting them I basically haven't taken them off - they're genuinely the comfiest shoes I own. I guess I initially realised how bad ass the brand is a few years back when my Mum wore her pair on holiday and walked up and down a volcano in them (they remained clean the entire time and her feet pain free).

Obviously, in true Bryony fashion, I went for a black pair, meaning they go with (and match), 100% of my wardrobe. As it was a moderately sunny day, the shades were out, alongside my trusty ASOS ridley jeans and a simple stripe tee from John Lewis. My jacket of choice was obviously gonna be my All Saints Cargo Biker, and to accessorize? My Urban Outfitters choker and selection of vintage and sterling silver rings from Accessorize.

Again, another dabble into 'outfits of the day' on my blog. I actually really enjoy mixing it up between the regular mentions of mascara and bath bombs, so stay tuned for more of this sort. Thank you again to Cloggs Footwear for making me and my feet very happy indeed!

Are you a fan of Birkenstocks? Will you be snapping some up this season? What are you summer shoes of choice?

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