Liberty London Beauty Advent Calendar Days 21-25 Product Reveal

So Christmas has sadly been and gone, (I hope y'all had a good'n!) however today, before the year comes to a close, I'm posting a final round up of the beauty-shaped treats opened from the last four days of the Liberty London Advent Calendar. Overall both the calendar and products inside the twenty-five drawers were excellent, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed there may be another next year. It's safe to say my mornings since have been a tad less exciting without it to open!

Day 21: Dr Sebagh Hyaluronic Acid Skin Moisturising Revatalising Serum (full size) I'm a huge fan of the Indeed Labs Hydraluron Serum, so I was thrilled to open this within drawer number twenty one. With it's pipette applicator, the consistency is slightly thinner than that of Hydraluron, however it does a cracking job at softening the skin. Priced at £69, it's not something I would go out and purchase unless I see miracles from use, but it's certainly a product I'm happy to have in my stash.

Day 22: Kai by Gaye Straza Body Lotion (59ml) Another body moisturiser to add to my collection! There's something about the scent of the lotion that reminds me of a Lush bath bomb, which as I'm sure you'll agree is a definite bonus. I'm always intrigued to try out new brands, and Kai is one of them.

Day 23 – Eve Lom Morning Time Cleanser (50ml) Ah, Eve Lom. The brand has been on my 'to-try' list for yonks, so this is probably up there as one of my favourite products received throughout the 25 days of the calendar. Wonderfully luxurious, the balm feels like a real treat to use. My only (slight) hang-up is the scent, which unfortunately doesn't match up to the spa-like feel of the cleanser. That aside, I LOVE it.

Day 24 - Escentric Molecules Molecule 01 perfume - Perfume isn't something I normally treat myself to, so I was rather pleased to open this on the morning of the 24th. Molecule 01 is yet another beauty product placed within the calendar's contents that I'd had my eye on. As the name suggests, the scent contains just a single molecule, resulting in a beautiful, unique scent on each who wears. I've been sporting this every day since receiving it and so far I'm obsessed,

Day 25 – Diptyque Baies Candle (70g) Talk about saving the best till last. Diptyque is the crémé de la crémé of all candles. Baies combines the beautiful aroma of flowers and blackcurrant leaves, resulting in a warm, elegant fragrance that fills the room.

Thanks to the delights of the Liberty Advent Calendar, my beauty stash is now thoroughly stocked up to see me well into the New Year. Speaking of New Year, I hope you all have a wonderful, safe and fun-filled evening, and I'll be back in 2015 (a.k.a. tomorrow...) with plenty more beauty, fashion and lifestyle posts.


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