December Favourites

So it's that time where I go all cliché and state my shock at the arrival of the last day of the year. But seriously, how is it 2015 tomorrow? Questions aside, I present to you the various delights that have been rocking my world throughout the month of December...

Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat in Pillow Talk - If you've read this post, then you'll already know just how much I love this product. The perfect 'your lips but better' shade, it sits well as an everyday wear - which I've certainly been taking advantage of. With lip liner being a fairly new addition to my makeup collection, you could say I was hooked from the first use (my love for the stuff has sadly resulted in it now being around the size of my little finger). Saying that, I did purchase Pillow Talk somewhere around late June, so for £16, it's lasted pretty darn well considering how often I've picked it up. If you're looking for a new favourite lip product - go see.

How to be Parisian wherever you are - When I have the time to sit down and relax (final year of Uni is unsurprisingly hectic!) I particularly enjoy getting my head stuck into a good book. Being in total admiration of French women (seriously how do they look so darn cool?) this book is right up my street. A combination of wit, knowledge and pretty pictures, whenever I flick through the pages I struggle to put it down.

Shu Uemura eyelash curlers - This favourite I notice the most come the days I forget to pick them up. Having almost straight lashes, mascara can often look a little, meh. However, add these bad boys into the equation, and you suddenly look not only curly lashed, but actually awake. I always head towards Shu Uemura when I'm in need of a new pair, but you can pick some up for around a fiver elsewhere on the high street.

Hobbs Rue Scarf* - Usually, I'm not one for serious layering. I get easily hot and bothered, so most of the time I don't even go there. Having said that, the sudden change in climate has left us humans with little choice, so following a recent endeavour to find the perfect scarf, I picked up this bad boy from Hobbs*. At £59, it's not the cheapest of knitwear pieces out there, but my god, it is so beautiful, so soft, and so in-fitting with the colour palette of my existing wardrobe. (*whisper* there's currently a marvelous £20 off the price tag, so if you fancy snapping one up for yourself, now's your chance)
This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less - If like me, you struggle to nod off come the evenings, you need this permanently propped on your bedside table. The Deep Sleep Stress Less roller ball is pure relaxation in a bottle. As the name suggests, if stressing out is something you need to do less of, this is your best friend. As I mentioned earlier, being in my final year of University, there's quite a lot going on, however I find this really helps to get my head straight come the times when my brain is overactive. A total necessity. 

What beauty/fashion/lifestyle shaped treats have you been loving recently? Any favourites I should be adding to my collection?

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