The Wishlist

Happy Black Friday lovely people of the internet!

With the craziness of final year at Uni taking up the majority of my time, I haven't had the chance to browse the wide web to see what's on offer when it comes to fashion and accessories. Hence, following a mini Google session, I've decided to create a lil wishlist in honor of this special spendy day.

I am clearly loving bold colours and prints right now - just look at the contents of this wishlist! The jumper-required weather as of late has spurred me on to increase my collection, hence the excessive number featured above. But knitwear's not the only thing taking over my brain when it comes to fashion picks, I'm also eager to add to my black boot collection since it seems I have managed to get into the routine of being almost fully committed to living in my Doc Martens as of late. Finally, and perhaps my favourite piece of the bunch is the ASOS Christmas Pudding Pyjama set, which I'm sure you'll agree, is just all kinds of awesome.

Have you got your eye on any fashion pieces? Will you be taking advantage of the Black Friday sales?

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