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There seems to be more and more product launches coming out from the blogging and YouTube community recently, whether that being in the form of books, false lashes or perfume. The latest release to the market is courtesy of model and beauty guru, Ruth Crilly, launching her own line of dry shampoo.

Whilst dry shampoo isn't something I've really taken an interest to in the past (minus Batiste's offerings), I was eager to try from the range to see if the products could change my mind, With five different scents available, COLAB is is the perfect addition for locks needing a quick boost inbetween washes. Similarly to other dry shampoos, not only does it refresh and rid of any unwanted oil, it also works wonders at adding texture and volume back into the hair, something which is certainly a-ok with me.

The aspect of the product I'm most impressed with is it's lightweight, traceless formula. meaning the white dust that can often be leftover following a spritz of dry shampoo is a thing of the past. Definitely a big plus for those with darker toned hair.

Despite each fragrance (defined by a certain city from around the globe) within the range being majorly lust-worthy, I went for London, a blend of bergamot, musk and magnolia. I really do suck at describing fragrances, however I'd say it's quite a contemporary, sexy scent. Crap description aside, my delicious smelling hair manages to rake in the compliments whenever I use it so I guess that says it all.

Incredibly affordable, you can pick up a full sized can of COLAB for £3.50, with the miniatures retailing at just £2. You can buy each scent from Feel Unique, Superdrug and Beauty Mart.

Have you given COLAB a try? What's your verdict?

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  1. I don't usually get on with dry shampoo but I'm very tempted by this! Lovely review :) xx



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