Lush Hot Toddy Shower Gel

Hot Toddy (£7.95 for 250g)

The past year I've developed a serious love affair for all things Lush. Whilst admittedly it's not the cheapest place to look when on the hunt for a bath bomb, the products are seriously all kinds of awesome. If you've already had a browse through my Christmas Beauty Advent Calendars Guide, then you'll know the upcoming festive season is getting me pretty excited, so understandably, I've already dipped my toes in what the brand has to offer for their limited edition Christmas collection.

Allow me introduce, Hot Toddy. Hot Toddy may have only been a firm favourite of mine for the past month or so, however that sure doesn't make it any less of one. With cinnamon, lemon oil and fresh ginger making up just a handful of the ingredients, it's the perfect accompaniment for the cold, wintry mornings the current season brings. Warm, spicy and just overall delicious, the shower gel works its magic to not only leave you smelling great, but wake up your senses. If you could bottle the scent of Christmas into a 250g bottle, I can assure you this would be it.

Of course, the good stuff not only comes in one size, but three. If you don't take my word for it and fancy testing out a mini tube before going full size, you can pick up 100g (£3.95), however if you really happen to love the smell of Christmas, there's also a ginormous 500g bottle (£13.75) available on the shelf. Whilst it does last fairly well, be warned, it's addictive stuff so you may want to stock up. It's also worth mentioning that I can't say I often feel so enthusiastically towards a shower gel, which I guess shows how amazing the product is!

Have you tried Hot Toddy? Are you a fellow fan?

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  1. I've heard so much about Hot Toddy and now that I know it comes in a mini version, I'm very tempted to try it!


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