5 Minutes With: The Dolly Rockers

If you're a regular reader of my blog, you'll know that interviews are a fairly new feature up on The Life Edit. 

I feel it's a perfect way to develop my writing skills, whilst also providing my readers with something a little different. I am trying to interview a broad range of individuals from all kinds of backgrounds to hopefully bring a little bit of diversity to my blog.

At some point in the next few days I shall be uploading an interview with the fabulous, Caryn Franklin which I hope you will all enjoy! 

So next up, I was fortunate enough to interview The Dolly Rockers. These gals have it all; beauty, brains and insane talent. So yes, you could say I was pretty chuffed to get the chance to have a little chat with them...

Hi girls! How are you all?

Were all great thanks! Running around like crazy doing shoots for our blog & recording! 

How's 2013 proving to be for you all so far? 

2013 Has been pretty amazing so far! Recording, shooting for our blog & we have our Dolly Rocker ritual holiday coming up (which we do every year) so VERY excited for that. 

You gals are doing pretty darn well for yourselves, you have over 91,000 subscribers on YouTube; how does that feel?

Its great that our music is separate  from our fashion, we love being recognised as singers as after all thats our main passion! So its great that people love our music enough to subscribe!
Have you got any exciting plans in the pipeline? 

Yes we have! Something very exciting is in the pipeline but we are not aloud to say much at this stage but all we will say it its fashion based and you may be seeing us on your screen soon. 

You all have awesome style, what are your style inspirations?

We each have our own individual styles, Sophie is quite girly and loves prints and bright colours, Lucie is very simplisitc and chic and Daniele is more street styled. But when we come together we manage to tie in all of our personalities and styles to a group look. We definitely go for outfits that are eye catching, whether it be an interesting cut or a bright colour or a crazy hat, we want to make you look... in a good way! 
What items are staples in your makeup bags?

YSL Mascara, Mac studio fix foundation & Red Mac Lipstick 

 The Dolly Rockers have a blog, what motivated you guys to set one up?

We love fashion & think it's a great way to express yourself, Fashion reflects on your personality & We started designing our own clothes & our fans were always asking us where they can get similar things from and how to customise their own items. So we decided to put together a blog where everyone can see what we have been wearing, Plus it gives us a great excuse to always go shopping haha.

Have you always wanted to be musicians or did you have any other career paths you were tempted to go down?

We all have our individual interests but first and foremost yes thats all we ever wanted to do from being young girls!
What key advice would you give to aspiring musicians?

Not everyone will get your music, Not everyone will like you but if you are passionate enough and believe in yourself enough to ignore all of the negativity and focus on what really matters, The music & your happiness then nothing can stand in your way! 

Brilliant advice, thanks girls!

You can check out The Dolly Rockers blog here and their YouTube channel here.

*Image taken from The Dolly Rockers facebook page, here.*

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  1. Omg I loooove the dolly rockers ! Fab interview doll :) xoxo


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