Boohoo 2013 Boutique Collection

A little while ago I received an email from Boohoo...

Now I love myself a bit of Boohoo (who doesn't?!) So I can't deny, my day was instantly made when they said they loved my blog. Even more so when further in the email, my eyes met a request stating that they would love me to work with the brand.

Now as you can imagine, I had to think long and hard about this. Would I be interested in doing such a thing, hm? ..WELL DUH!

So from now on, you will be seeing plenty more Boohoo related posts on my 'lil blog.

Now if you weren't aware, Boohoo recently launched their brand-spanking Boutique collection, made up of limited edition, statement pieces.

I for one am absolutely taken aback by the range; I genuinely want everything. The various materials, colour palettes and shapes running through the collection are all stunning.

There really is something for everyone, however there are two noticeable trends that seem to feature a considerable amount throughout; Summer pastels and heavy baroque influences.

 The great thing about pastels is that they're so easy to wear. I think a large majority of individuals are almost frightened to wear colours within this palette, which really needn't be the case. Pastels are incredibly flattering on garments and can also really lighten the mood when wearing. 

Summer is the perfect time of year to sport this trend, and looks exceptionally good with a cheeky bit of floral added to the mix! 

 The Summer pastel colour spectrum is a diverse little thing. It can be teamed with several other trends. Whether just paired with some denim shorts or tailored trousers, you're guaranteed to look hot to trot.

As previously mentioned, baroque influence is something that is rather apparent throughout the range. Again this look is awesome as it can be teamed in a variety of ways, both smart and casual.

The above look is something many would not necessarily think to team together due to both prints being rather varied. However seeing it styled together just shows how great it can look!

The Boohoo Boutique collection is made up of garments featuring aztec, boucle, biker and a cheeky bit of fringing. What's not to love?

Check out the range for yourselves, here. However I would advice not having your purse close to hand when doing so, as temptation will arise. Believe me.


  1. Congratulations that sounds exciting! Love all the clothes :)



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