5 Minutes With: Layla Anna-Lee

I was recently lucky enough to get the chance to interview the gorgeous (and super lovely) Layla Anna-Lee.

Layla is becoming increasingly successful by the day, and is perhaps best known for her role as the voice of the London 2012 Olympic Games; pretty impressive, huh?! Over the years she has presented a number of successful TV shows, including Sky Sports and OK! Insider, however her talents don't end there. A model and blogger with a buzzing personality, it's hard to deny that Layla is instantaneously likable.So overall I pretty much jumped at the chance when she let me interview her..

1. Hi Layla, thanks so much for taking the time to be interviewed! How's 2013 been for you so far?

2013 has without a doubt been my favourite year ever and I didn't think the 2012 Olympic year could be beaten. I'm a workaholic and I've never been so busy so I'm a very happy bunny right now. 

2. Last year was a pretty great year for you. How was it being involved in the London 2012 Olympics?

It's easy to explain how awesome it was for me with the Olympics because everyone felt the awesomeness that London was feeling at the time. Even those who didn't have tickets to anything and watched games in big screens in the parks described London's vibe as incredible and it's totally the truth. I was lucky enough to be hosting the Beach Volley Ball at the Iconic Horse Guards Parade which was simply beautiful and thrilling in every way - I also voiced Danny Boyle's opening ceremony which is something that I'll be telling the grand kids about! 

3. 2013 is also proving to be pretty awesome for you too, you were recently titled 95 in the FHM top 100 sexiest women list; congratulations! How did that feel?

Felt pretty sexy! 
Genuinely I felt amazing - I'm only down the bottom of the list but chuffed to pieces for even being noticed by such a prestigious magazine. Look modelling not my job and I'm still trying to be taken seriously as a sports presenter, will it help? Probably not but every girl likes to be feel sexy. 

4. You've had numerous prestigious presenting jobs over the years, do you have a particular favourite?

I don't think I'll ever top the Olympics.....Unless I do it again in 2016 - it's in Rio next and I'm Brazilian so who knows! 

5. What key advice would you give to others interested in becoming presenters?

Be yourself! It's very easy to go to castings and be who they want you to be but you know what they want you. Just be you. Then the competition disappears, you're the only you there is! 

6. Describe yourself in five words?

Can I just say Sexy - that's apparently official now! 

7. You have a wicked fashion sense, where are your favourite places to shop?

Oh thanks - I always get super paranoid about what I wear. My wardrobe looks like a children's closet with all the same stuff in different colours. You can't wear too much pattern on TV or branded clothing so it's all pretty simplistic and clean. Now with HD we can be a bit more free with what we wear so I'm starting to have more fun with fashion. I love Zara and River Island but I hate wearing something everyone else will be wearing so I often shop at One Teaspoon, Saint Kidd and Freepeople for the nicer more unique things! 

8.  Do you have a particularly strict beauty regime? What items are religiously in your beauty stash?

I'm serious about taking my make up off before bed and giving my skin days off. If I'm not working I'm bare faced. 

I adore Eve Lom daily moisturiser and use a Shu Umera lash gel to help keep my abused lashes strong. Once I had those semi permanent individual lashes put on and my eyes were not impressed. They ruined my poor lashes and the Shu Umera lash extension gel helped nurse them back to full health. 
Apart from that I'm pretty free and easy. My skin is rather forgiving. 

9. Have you got any exciting jobs coming up later in the year?

I sure do! I'm buzzing about the next football season because I will be hosting features for the Premier League channel. 

10. You have your own blog and have also blogged for The Huffington Post; what sparked your interest in blogging?

I love to write and always have done. I blog for Sport Mag now too. I almost always pen my own scripts and am actually quite surprised at how many presenters don't write a thing. I think it's all part of the job. I love words. And I guess I'm a story teller. 

11. You've also had quite an impressive modelling career, do you have any advice for aspiring models?

Haha this will make my friends laugh because they often try to wind me up by referring to me as a model. I'm always saying 'I'M NOT A MODEL'. In truth I had a lot of modelling jobs as a child and when your 6 and having to change your clothes ten times a day you get sick of it pretty quickly. I hated it and steer clear of it as much as I can. However the industry is incestuous and whether I like it or not I'm often 'modelling' to promote a brand or show I'm working on. I'm getting used to it again but get crazy nervous so shy away from most shoots. 

12. Thanks Layla!

Thank you Sweet Pea!  

You can check out Layla's Twitter here, and her website here.

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