Three wellbeing essentials

Wellbeing Evening Routine

I don't know about you, but I pride myself on having a good wind-down routine. 

There are a number of standout beauty essentials that I have come across on my journey to perfecting this - the below being some of my all-time favourites to help me achieve that all-important good night's sleep...

Neom Magnesium Body Butter

It's certainly no surprise to have a Neom product featured on this round-up - they have consistency down to an absolute T.

I've written about their incredible line-up of products many a time (read my Neom review posts), but one item in particular that I find myself using most days is their Magnesium Body Butter.

Available in a number of incredible scents, this rich moisturiser blended with the likes of Shea Butter and Magnesium hydrates the skin whilst giving you a whole host of benefits. We're talking support with sleep, energy and mood.

What's not to love?


Although I don't reach for these every evening, they are something I always have in my beauty collection.

The Spacemask Self-Heating Eye Masks are simply oh-so fabulous. Featuring essence of jasmine, they work a treat to relieve tiredness, leaving you feeling relaxed and ready for a good night's sleep.

Thanks to the self-heating element, they are also an absolute must for times when you feel a headache coming on. 


Neom Magnesium Body Butter

Arran Aromatics Calming Mist

I truly adore Arran Aromatics. Their collections have been a part of my self-care routine for years.

Not only is their branding on-point, but their wide-ranging scents are a must.

The Arran Room Sprays are available in all of their classic fragrances, and are a lovely touch to add to your bedtime routine. Glen Iorsa and After the Rain are my go-to spritzes.

What are your ultimate evening essentials pre-slumber? Have you tried any of the above?



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