Why you should try switching to a natural deodorant

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Let's talk deodorant. 

Whilst it's certainly not the most glamorous of topics to discuss, it's a good one.

With many of us looking to make more considered purchases with what we put on, and in our bodies, as of late there has been a rise in the number of brands releasing natural-derived products.

Typically, an anti-perspirant that you would find on the shelf will include a whole host of active ingredients, one being aluminium.

Aluminium in an anti-perspirant essentially acts as something of a 'plug' when you get a little toasty.

There aren't any clear-cut answers at present, however there are questions surrounding the metal being potentially harmful.

So with that said, I decided to give the natural deodorant route a whirl...

My verdict? A huge thumbs up.

My first trial was around two years ago after I came across Salt of the Earth's Natural Unscented Stick

Easily accessible and long-lasting, it's more of a no-frills option but it works an absolute treat. 

Salt of the Earth's products are available in a variety of forms (and scents!), so you can opt for everything from a spray to a balm which is great if you have a preferred style when it comes to a deodorant.

Fast forward to the end of last year and I had noticed the brand, Wild, mentioned on numerous occasions.

First things first, Wild's branding is fabulous and completely customisable. Housed in a sleek aluminium case, you can choose the colour and even personalise with your name. Pretty cool.

The subscription service is fully-flexible, with different options available if you're new to the brand including their 'starter pack' and 'discovery pack'.

There are six scents to choose from, with Wild often introducing limited edition collections to mix things up - we're talking Peach Bellini and Toffee Apple here!

Unsurprisingly I am now fully converted to a natural deodorant. They leave you feeling fresh throughout the day, are better for the planet and seem to last a whole lot longer than an antiperspirant.

Have you tried the natural route? What are your go-to choices?


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