What exactly is Bioregulatory Medicine? FAQs with a practitioner.

I first encountered the magnificent world of Bioregulatory Medicine (alternatively known a Bioresonance) around a year ago when researching complementary medicines. After looking into practitioners that offer the non-invasive treatment, I found the incredible Sarah Bainbridge, who began her journey after experiencing ill health.

Fast forward some time and I have now been for several sessions with Sarah at the Life Waves practice in Whitby, and I am absolutely reaping the benefits.

So, for those that are open to the idea of complementary medicines, those looking to feel more energised or perhaps suffering from more severe health conditions, this may be the treatment for you.

Now, over to Sarah...


What exactly is Bioregulatory Medicine?

Bioregulatory Medicine is a natural approach to better health utilising the body’s own highly sophisticated processes of maintaining good wellbeing.  Our bodies are beautifully designed to keep themselves healthy using a complex and finely balanced self-regulatory mechanism.  

Poor health, and accompanying symptoms, occur when this self-regulation – balance in the body – is lost. 

Bioregulatory Medicine works to reinstate the precious balance and with it that self-regulation therefore enabling the body to do what it does best – keeping you healthy!

How did you get into the practice?

Like many other practitioners I know, I found out about Bioregulatory Medicine, and in particular the Bioresonance Therapy approach I use, though my own ill health. I had always had some underlying digestive related issues, but after the birth of my second child these became markedly worse.  

After exhausting everything that conventional medicine could offer without getting any answers as to why I was so unwell, or seeing any improvement in my symptoms, I turned to the complementary therapy world. 

Again I tried several modalities: reflexology and homeopathy for instance, and although there was some improvement nothing really seemed to be able to resolve the issues. I was then lucky enough to come across a fantastic Bioresonance Therapist who not only could answer my questions as to why I was unwell, but could also help me see the causes of my illness, and most importantly of all, what I could do about it!  

I saw such an improvement in my health that I was inspired to train so that I could start to help others experience the same relief and better health I now enjoy.

How does the Rayonex machine work? What happens during a session?

Essentially the Rayonex Machine I use in practice is working with the body’s own energies or, more specifically, frequencies. So if you remember from science lessons in school, everything in the universe is actually made up of energy vibrating at different frequencies (the difference between solids, liquids and gases, the different spectrums of light, etc). 

Our bodies are the same. Each organ, tissue, nerve, and even cell is vibrating at its own unique frequency. When these frequencies are as they should be then the body is in balance and can carry out its self-regulation.  But when the frequencies are out of balance then self-regulation is lost and you become ill.

The Rayonex Machine has a unique di pole antenna system which is able to create the same wave pattern frequencies as those found in the body. It can then use these to identify which of the body’s frequencies are out of balance and what is causing them to be out of balance, and helps to bring them back into balance so that self-regulation is restored.

Treatment is very gentle and totally non invasive. You simply sit in a chair on a special sheet. This connects you into the ‘circuit’ so to speak so that the machine can ‘see’ your frequencies.  

We then test through all the various aspects of the body, the key features of the self-regulatory processes, vitamin and mineral levels, look for the presence of toxins, heavy metals, pollutants and pathogens, then provide the relevant frequency programmes to resolve these issues. 

You don’t feel anything during treatment and remember the frequencies the Rayonex Machine uses are the same as the body’s own, so no electric currents are present (these are really bad for you anyway!).

How can it help? Does everyone benefit from visiting?

As noted above the therapy ultimately is aiming to restore self-regulation in the body.  Ill health, whatever the symptoms may be, only occurs when self-regulation is lost so when the body is brought back into balance the symptoms can then resolve. 

As such, the therapy can potentially help with just about any condition, and because our modern world is putting all our bodies under increasing stress, even if you don’t have an identifiable health condition, you would still benefit from treatment.

Do you see instant results? How do you feel after?

Very occasionally clients see instant results which is wonderful, but for most people improvement is seen as a gentle feeling of increasing well being over a period of time as balance is restored and symptoms start to disappear.

Again, how clients feel after sessions varies from person to person.  Initially after the first sessions you may feel a little tired for a while but as the energy in the body improves this usually disappears.  Due to the gentle nature of the therapy there is rarely the ‘healing crisis’ type effect that you may experience with other complementary therapies during which symptoms appear to worsen for a while.

What are your standout success stories?

So many to choose from as every client I see has their own successes which to them can often be life changing!

But if I had to pick out a few, there would be the client who was suffering from severe headaches and had been told at the age of 25 that he would have to put up with them for the rest of his life. He is now headache free! 

Then there is the client who was told by a consultant that they had no option but to have their gall bladder removed who, 3 years later, has still not had to have the operation as they are now symptom free. 

The client who, at 27, was told that her only option to stop her continual menstrual bleeding she had had from the age of 15 was to have a hysterectomy but now has a regular ‘normal’ menstrual cycle for the first time ever.

And finally the client who was scheduled for surgery on her nose due to blocked tear ducts who has now cancelled that surgery as she no longer has the symptoms.

How often/how many times do you need to go?

Treatment sessions are usually carried out around about 4 weekly.  The therapy is using the body’s own energy so treating too frequently simply results in the depletion of that energy which is counterproductive. 

The number of sessions people require varies from individual to individual and usually depends on how much imbalance there is, how long symptoms have been present, and how much they are willing to aid their own treatment with appropriate lifestyle changes.  We can help the body regain balance but how quickly the body reacts to that is out of our hands really. Having said that, most people begin to see an improvement after about 3-4 sessions.

How long does it take? How much does it cost?

Each session is about 1 hour 15 minutes long and costs £60 including your treatment remedy.

Do you need to do anything between sessions?

During your treatment we prepare a treatment remedy.  This is a small bottle of liquid which contains all the frequency programmes we use during your session.  By taking this remedy on a daily basis between sessions it ‘reminds’ the body of the treatment and, as such, helps that treatment work better and faster. 

In addition you will be given relevant lifestyle changes you may like to implement based on what is found to be causing the imbalance in the body – so things such as dietary changes, supplements which may help, reducing exposure to chemicals or harmful EMFS, for instance.

Are there different types of Bioregulatory medicine? How do they compare?

As noted above Bioregulatory Medicine is all about using the body’s own energies to bring about better regulation.  There are many different ways of doing this using homeopathic remedies, nutrition, acupuncture, for instance, and of course Bioresonance Therapy. 

The approaches differ mainly in the areas they are targeting, how they target them and therefore, their ‘strength’.  I like Bioresonance Therapy as it, in my view, sits at the top of the tree so to speak!  

In other words, due to the way we treat and the incredible level of detail we can work to (we can even see disturbances at cell level!) then it is capable of dealing with just about anything.

What would you say to someone thinking of trying it?

Even if you are a bit skeptical or struggling to understand how it works give it a go.  Only by experiencing the therapy can you really start to see if it’s for you and how it could help your own particular situation. 

Bioresonance Therapy potentially offers one of the most comprehensive assessments of the causes of ill health, and can offer one of the gentlest, most non invasive but potentially powerful means of resolving health issues.  And because its focus is on regaining self-regulation, allowing the body to maintain its own good health, and identifying and addressing not only where symptoms are occurring but why – so the underlying causes – then the therapy can truly offer a long term solution and not just a quick fix that only works while you have treatment.

But a word of warning - if you are wanting to try Bioresonance Therapy then do make sure you are seeing a qualified and insured practitioner.  As with anything, not everyone who offers a service are as well trained as they should be.

Sarah Bainbridge BSc (Hons), MBA, Dip BM (Hons), SBRCP (Bioresonance Medicine)
Certified Bioresonance Practitioner According To Paul Schmidt

"Resolving health issues using drug free bio-energetic testing and treatment"

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