Six To Listen To On Spotify #3

Way back when I threw together a couple of posts about my go-to musical treats for when my ears are looking for a good time. Since I am still heavily invested in the magical creation that is Spotify (seriously how did I ever manage without Premium?), I thought I would finally add to said posts and bring another to the table. 

Ah, Lights. I've been a fan of Lights' tunes for quite some time now, and listening to her do her thing never gets old. Though I thoroughly enjoy her more upbeat tracks, slower takes on the likes of 'Up We Go' and 'Muscle Memory' are about as good as it can get.

The 1975
Duh. Definitely, definitely not alone with this one, but how bloody great are The 1975? Though I could happily bop to 99% of their creations, 'Somebody Else' is just, well, something else. Sidenote: is it just me that still hasn't gotten over the fact that Loose Women's Denise Welch is Matty Healy's Mum?..

The Paper Kites 
So seemingly it pays to know humans with good music taste as you get introduced to bands such as The Paper Kites. Described on Spotify as ''folk-rock'', the Australian band throw out hits such as 'Electric Indigo' and 'Revelator Eyes' and really are very good indeed.

Troye Sivan
It turns out TS isn't just a success when it comes to his YouTube channel. His debut album, 'Blue Neighbourhood' is basically sixteen songs worth of 10/10. If you're in the market for a new favourite song, check out 'DKLA' right about now.

Who doesn't love a bit of Scottish indie goodness from time to time? From releasing their debut EP back in 2010, the band have gone on to support everyone from Panic! At the Disco to Admiral Fallow. Recommendations would have to be in the form of 'Open Book' and 'Sleeping Over'. Just sayin'.

You know when you go to a gig and you enjoy the support act just as much as the headline? Yeah. K.Flay happened to be touring with PVRIS when I went to see them back in April with my laaarvely pal, Jess. Essentially, she is just one oh-so sassy lady. Her overall style is quite a tricky one to pinpoint, but if you enjoy rock with a little bit of rap thrown in for good measure, you are likely to dig. Hit up 'Thicker Than Dust', 'So Fast, So Maybe' and 'Dreamers' and thank me later.

What are your go-to Spotify recommendations? Are you a fan of any of the above?

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