The Ultimate Bath.

So let's take a moment to imagine a wee scenario, shall we. It's Friday night, 10pm, where am I? At a rave? Downing tequila? Hell no, I'm in the bath surrounded by bubbles and sweet, sweet smells, of course. Ok, so I sure don't wanna put you through the trauma of imagining me in the tub, so allow me to stop here and tell you that this here post is sharin' the deets on what I like to call, 'the ultimate bath'.

This ain't no speedy wash. If you're simply looking for the formula for this, look away now. No, for this post is for the times you're looking for a serious, lengthy soak. Seven products, one badass, beauty themed read. Let's go.

Pre-bath, I like to start with a good, dry-body brushing session. Check here for the full 411, but basically, doing so for around five minutes works like a dream when it comes to smoothing skin, improving blood circulation and ridding of cellulite and keratosis pilaris. I snapped mine up for under a tenner from The Body Shop.

So whilst you were occupied with the above, let's just say that you were running said bath. You need to get this stage just right. A bubble bath without bubbles is just, well, just a plain old bath, and what's the fun in that? Yet again, I'm obsessing over Neal's Yard products, and this time it's their Citrus Shower Gel. It.smells.awesome. 

So you've had a good scrubba-dub, and now what better to truly unwind than popping on a snazzy face mask. I'm hooked on the Neal's Yard (I have a problem) White Tea Enriching Facial Mask for soothing, adding moisture and ridding of any unwanted redness. Ok, so if you're tending to your face, why not throw on a hair-shaped mask for good luck? ESPA's Pink Hair and Scalp Mud* is what dreams are made of, basically. It smells good, feels good, does good. Keep your eyes peeled for a full review very soon as I am in love with the stuff. 

Speaking of love, let's discuss the joys of body scrubbing, shall we. If you're lusting after silky soft, baby smooth skin,  this combo will be right up your street. For head to, er, ankle scrubbing, the ESPA Exfoliating Body Polish* is your BFF. Foot wise, the Rituals Sensational Cooling Foot Scrub* is, well, both utterly sensational and cooling. 

But before you step out, chill, take five. What bath is complete without a good book, and I for one have been obsessively sticking my nose into Skin Cleanse. I have a detailed review scheduled, so I won't say too much, but this is one of the best beauty books I've read in a long time. 

So you're feeling thoroughly relaxed, but with all that scrubbing 'n' masking you'll need a good oil to add the moisture back into your skin. For that, say hello to ESPA Optimal ProSerum* - a.k.a. perfection in a bottle. I like to use this on my faceneck and décolleté pre-moisturiser, rubbing the excess onto any dry areas such as elbows, knees etc. Like all ESPA products, it smells seriously awesome, and is the ideal aroma to help send you off into a deep sleep. 

So there we have it, the formula for the ultimate bath - perfect for weekends and nights in.

Are you a fan of baths? What products do you like to use? Will you be picking up any of the above?


  1. you honestly cannot beat a good bath, it always makes me feel so much better whether i've got a cold, i've got my period or if I'm just feeling generally crappy I just love to relax in a bath and gorgeous products just make it even better!

    Jade x
    Girl Up North | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. I totally agree with you there Jade! The ultimate treat!

      Bry x

  2. You've just filled me with envy. I miss having a bath so much! I am going to take a leaf out of your book when I go back to my parents soon! I love NYR too, I have not tried their shower gel though, and i love citrus smells!


    1. Yes yes yes, you must Jemma! NYR just make the whole thing even better right? x

  3. I really don’t have enough baths I’m such a shower girl haha. I’m looking forward to reading your skin cleanse review as I’m already intrigued just by the name haha :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Come the winter I love baths even more! Ah it's such an awesome read - my post should be up in the next week or so but it's definitely worth snapping up! x

  4. I love a good bath! I tend to shower in the summer, but pretty much indulge in a bath all the way through winter :)

    www.thejewelbeauty.com | A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog

    1. Hell yes! Winter baths (with maybe some Lush-shaped goodness?) is the way to go absolutely x


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