The Wishlist

In true blogger style, I bring you yet another wishlist. I'm not normally one to get my legs out on a regular basis, however if the image above brings any clues, it's that I'm trying to make more of an effort to do so. The sun's been making a regular appearance as of late, so unless I want to roast then I don't really have a choice!

I also want to get back into reading, and a book I've been dying to add to my collection, is #GirlBoss. I'm sure you'll have already heard a thing or two about this read, but it's basically 256 pages of kick-ass, career and general life motivation. If that's your kind of thing then perhaps you should head over to Amazon and grab a copy, too?

I'm a huge jewellery buff, and have recently been exploring to find some new brands to add onto my radar. One company I've fallen head over heels with, is Datter Industries. Based between London and Brooklyn, Datter originally began in New York City back in 2010, selling unique, eye-catching jewellery. I adore everything on the site, however the Knot Ring in particular is so me. I would highly recommend checking out the brand, although you may want to sit on your purse in the process - I guarantee you'll want the lot. 

What are you currently lusting after?

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