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If you read my recent Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser post, you'll know Liz Earle is one of my absolute favourite brands when it comes to the beauty world. I've been a fan for quite some time now, but it was when I received the kickass (and I mean kickass) advent calender as an early Christmas present that my love truly developed. The calender meant I dabbled with a lot of the Liz Earle range, and found many new staples for my skincare regime. So when I was recently contacted by the lovely people at Liz Earle and asked if I would like to sample some products from the brand, you could say I was just a wee bit excited.

Liz Earle Eyebright Soothing Eye Lotion* - Eyebright is one of my ultimate products from the Liz Earle range. During my second year of University I suffered from frequent migraines and my calender sample came in soso handy. Not only that, but long days in front of a computer regularly left me with tired, puffy eyes, and this helped to solve that problem in an instance. Eyebright is a herbal lotion designed to wake up and refresh the eye area. You simply soak a cotton pad in the product and hold for a few seconds. If I'm feeling particularly zonked, I like to apply to my eyes for several minutes as I find this not only wakes me up, but helps to diminish the appearance of any puffiness. I'm thrilled to have this product back in my stash as it's a total magic worker and I just know it's going to be reached for daily come September during final year stress. You can purchase a 150ml tube for just 10.75, however if you want some Eyebright goodess on the go, you can also snap up a 50ml bottle for £5.50. A must have. 

Liz Earle Gentle Face Exfoliator* - I recently ran out of my regular facial exfoliator so nipped to Boots to pick up a replacement. I remember trying St. Ives back when I was a teen so thought I would give it a re-try. As soon as I got it home, I remembered how much I disliked it. The grains in the product were far too abrasive, scratching my skin in the process (body scrubs are seriously less aggressive than the stuff). After chucking that, I was left both scrub-less and sore, so Liz Earle's offering certainly came at a good time. Immediately I noticed how gentle the product was (clue's in the name I suppose). Instead of scrubbing away the entire contents of my face, the jojoba beads gently work to remove any dead skin cells and grime. After use, my skin is left smooth, glowy and clear. The smell of the product is worth mentioning too - very soothing and spa like. Although St. Ives offering is a quarter of the price, I feel £14 is total value for money considering you're getting 70ml of a brilliant product. Exfoliation is such an important part of any skincare routine, so it's something I will happily spend a little extra on. If you're looking for a non-abrasive scrub that leaves your skin in tip-top condition, I'd highly recommend giving this a try. 

Liz Earle Healthy Glow Cream Blush in Rose 04* - Something I received which I hadn't previously tried, was a product from the makeup side of Liz Earle. Over the Summer I've been experimenting with blushers, particularly cream blushers, so I was pretty certain the brand would sell a good'n. After browsing the seven gorgeous shades available I eventually settled on Rose 04, a warm rose-pink. Having a little more colour in my complexion thanks to the current sunshine, I've been enjoying using more warm toned products, and this blush fits the bill perfectly. The creamy formula blends like a dream and leaves my skin with a subtle, dewy glow. Not only that, it's also incredibly build-able, and can also be applied to the lips to give a slight hint of colour. I'm super impressed with this blush and I regularly get comments on my skin when wearing it, so Liz Earle makeup is definitely something I'm going to be trying more of. At £16.50 it's on the higher side price-wise, but the quality and lasting-power means it's a step above high-street blushes I've tried in the past. 

Liz Earle Strengthening Nail Colour in Bright & Breezy 05* - Like much of my wardrobe, my nail colour draw is mostly filled with those on the darker side of the colour spectrum. One particular shade that has been tickling my taste buds recently however, is coral. Bright & Breezy is described as a bright, fun coral with a soft, creamy texture, and is pretty much the perfect polish for this time of year. Part of the strengthening nail range from the brand, the product is both chip-resistant and long wearing, offering users up-to 12 days of glossy, even shine. I've been wearing the shade on my fingers and toes non stop since I received it, so it may well be that my non-colour ways are now a thing of the past. 

Having tried and tested a few old favourites and some new discoveries, Liz Earle remains to be one of my absolute favourite beauty brands. You can pick up some treats for yourself both online and in store at Liz Earle, along with shops such as Boots, John Lewis, and Fenwicks selling a range of the brand's products.

Are you a fan of Liz Earle? Have you tried anything from the brand?



  1. I'm a massive fan of the hot cloth cleanser but haven't tried anything else from Liz Earle, Eyebright sounds exactly what I need though! xxx Thou Shalt Not Covet

  2. I have both the lotion and the exfoliator in my pile still to try, this had made me really excited about them!! I love LE stuff!

    Kirstie x

    1. I'm glad! Can never have too many Liz Earle goodies in your stash! x

  3. I like the sound of the eye lotion, Im in need of a new eye product :) May have to purchase!

    Jenems.blogspot.com - Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle blog x

  4. I'm actually not fussed on Liz Earle, but I am need of a good exfoliater so I think I'll be giving this one a go!

    Annabel ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  5. I need an eye lotion in my life!


  6. I absolutely love Liz Earle, and I really want to try the eye lotion after reading this! Great post :) xx


  7. Love the hot cloth cleanser, I really must give eye bright a try not sure why but my eyes have been puff central lately it seems like this would be super refreshing to use :) xx



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