Sanctuary Spa 5 minute thermal detox mask

After recently finishing my last tube of Origins Clear Improvements, I was in need of a new clay mask. I was ready to trot back to Boots to pick up another, when I noticed Lily Pebbles raving about a similar, cheaper alternative.

The Sanctuary Spa 5 Minute Thermal Detox Mask, like Origins' offering, is a detoxifying treatment designed to draw impurities from the skin. Although specifically targeted for areas of congestion, I like to apply it all over my face following my cleansing routine. Unlike Clear Improvements, the mask has a slight (but pleasant) warming sensation, which is initially quite bizarre, but relaxing. After five minutes, I then rinse the product off using a muslin cloth, and my complexion instantly looks and feels clearer.

I find the Sanctuary mask a lot easier to remove than that of Origins, as the latter can often require a slightly uncomfortable tug on the skin when wiping off. For just over £10 (it's currently on offer for £7!) the mask is a total bargain and I will definitely be purchasing another once it's used up. Although I live in the Countryside, I just know this mask would be a total godsend for those living in a city where pollution causes havoc to the complexion!

You can pick up a tube of the good stuff for yourself, both online and in store from Boots. Have you given this mask a try?


  1. My clay mask is just about to run out so I might try this one next, it sounds lovely! xx


    1. It's one of my favourites, would totally recommend giving it a whirl x


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