Fake Bake Shimmer Medium Instant Tan Wash-Off Lotion

So I am naturally as fair as fair can be. This can mean fake tan and myself don't always get on all that well. (The word ORANGE sums up the situation pretty well). For the last several months I'd given the tangoed look a break, however when I was recently contacted asking if I would like to try a product from Fake Bake's , I jumped at the chance. At the time I'd never used anything from the brand, so I was intrigued to see if it would live up to the hype. Whenever I fake tan, I tend to just use the stereotypical type that develops overnight, lasting a few days, so I was looking forward to seeing how a wash-off would compare, and of course, if it would leave my skin looking like an Oompa Loompa.

Well.. I can safely say, it didn't. The green undertone in all Fake Bake products mean that you're left with a more natural looking colour. No orange glow here! I can't say I'm a fan of shimmered tan/makeup etc, but as you can see in the above photo it's only incredibly subtle,  simply adding to that healthy glow effect it obtains.

My only hang-up is that application was a little tricky, but maybe that's just down to the fact I'm out of the practice of fake tanning. I found it to take quite a while to apply, when using  both the complementary gloves and a mitt - however the results definitely made in worth while. The great thing about instant fake tan is that you can just wash it off if you make a mistake, so there's no need to hide in your house for days on end due to patchy stripe skin. I always imagined that instant tan would come off as soon as you came in contact with water, which isn't great due to England's rainy weather, but nope, it stays on until you hop in the tub.

At only £10.80 from Feel Unique, this product is definitely a must-have bargain. I'm so impressed that the next time I'm wanting a week long self-tan I'll be heading straight to the Fake Bake counter. 

Have you tried anything from Fake Bake? I'd love to know any recommendations you may have!



  1. Ooh this looks like a really good tan :)
    I might give it a try !!
    Love your blog

    Alex ox.


    1. You must, it's rocks! Thanks so much Alexandra! x

  2. Love this post, I've only used the fakebake flawless darker and I was really disappointed with the colour pay off! So it's nice to hear that there other products aren't as bad and actually work!
    Sophy xo|lashesandsplashes

    1. Oh really? This one makes up for it then as it's a good'n! x


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