FitFlops Men's S/S 2013 Collection

A week or so ago, if I was to mention the shoe brand 'FitFlop' to my boyfriend, he would probably look at me in confusion/worry. Expanding on this, he would have most likely visualised a pair of rather girly flip-flops that succeed in making any man look feminine. However after showing him the upcoming Spring/Summer 2013 Men's collection, it's safe to say his opinion has changed. Admittedly, I myself have never really been one to shop from the brand, but since becoming a little more aware of it, I think this will be a thing of the past. I already have my eye on a couple of pairs that I want to pick up for Summer!

The FitFlop brand appears to have come quite far since it first began in 2007. The designs within the Men's S/S '13 range are both contemporary and cool, and most definitely something my boyfriend would sport.
This pair in particular are very similar to the style of shoes he wears. So much so, that he has his eye on getting himself a pair! However unlike these babies, the rest in his shoe collection do not have the added benefits that FitFlops provide. Result!

There are plenty of benefits to wearing shoes from the brand; from activation of certain leg muscles, and shock abortion, to pressure diffusion and most importantly, supreme comfort. 
The shoes are available in a endless variety of designs and colours, so there really is a pair to suit everyone.
If your on the hunt for a pair of truly awesome shoes to get for your partner/family member/friend, then it may be worth looking into FitFlops.
To see for yourself, head to the FitFlop website
Between you and me, there's also a cheeky code which entitles you to free shipping cost, but be quick, it ends at Midnight on the 5th of this month! 
The code is : FFBLOG4    

Have you shopped from the brand before? If so, what did you think?


  1. Fitflops are really good for absorbing pressure from knees, hips etc. They are also really good for your posture and should improve it!

    1. They're pretty awesome aren't they! The fact they come is such a diverse range of styles makes them even more appealing! xx


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