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Is there anything more satisfying than finding a new beauty staple that doesn't cost the earth? I'd say not. I feel like I've really managed to incorporate some inexpensive, but amazing treats in to my routine over the last few years, so it's only fair to share the 411 on them all, right?

So without further ado, here's a roundup of some of my favourites...

Me and this stuff go waaay back. There's been a handful of occasions where I have ventured away from this cleansing oil over the years, however there is always something that has drawn me back. Most likely because it is so bloomin' great and one of the best out there for my skin. But it also gains major points for its packaging and the fact it has an uber-handy pump applicator. Definitely one to pick up.

Moving on to the eye area, Nivea really know a thing or two when it comes to cleansing. I find I can usually pick this up on some kind of deal during a trip to Boots, but just short of £4 (full-price) for a crackin' product that gets the job done, really ain't so bad if you ask me.

Bargain beauty buys blogger review

One can never have too many cleansing oils in their life. The above Body Shop offering is a great choice both morning and night, and really gets down to business on cleansing your complexion, however if I've seriously gone to town with painting my face, this is a fantastic initial step in your routine to leave you with a clean canvas.

There are genuinely no words to describe my love for this mask. One of those 'instant-result' givers, it contains sakura extract and my all-time favourite, hyaluronic acid. Suitable for sensitive skin types *hurrah*, Garnier recommend you leave this on for around 15 minutes, but I have to say, an hour of chilling with this on my face suits me just fine. I've even managed to get my boyfriend on board (soz for spillin', Matt), and it's got his seal of approval, too. Side note: if hydration isn't your thing in the world of skincare, never fear, there's 5 other options from the range to choose from.

Bargain beauty buys blogger

Oh look, more oil related beauty products! This time, from The Body Shop's famed Vitamin E range. The Face Mist is something I have raved about for years, and is a constant resident in my handbag (check back a good few years to see a post ft. my thoughts). So naturally I was eager to get my mitts on a bottle of the Serum-In-Oil (being the very evident oil addict that I am, it would seem).

The fast-absorbing oil is specifically designed for use pre-slumber, leaving the skin feeling hydrated for up to 8 hours. Ingredients, vitamin E, Community Trade sesame seed oil and wheatgerm oil work together to leave the skin fresh, glowy and soft. The perfect beauty addition for those with skin on the drier side.

As a gal with the tendency to get dry lips, discovering this was something of a dream come true (major thanks to my favourite Latest in Beauty box for introducing me). Eucerin as a whole are a no-nonsense brand to rely on, so it came as no surprise that this went straight in to my makeup bag, but I am seriously, seriously impressed.

I'm sure you'll agree that a good scrub is a shower essential. One that's not too grainy, but abrasive enough to actually do something. Oh, and one that packs a punch in the scent department. Not a lot to ask for then, really. Luckily, The Body Shop really know how to make a scrub, which is why their mango option has a prime position in my body washing routine. It smells good, it does good and I really, sorta kinda want to eat it. Don't worry, I'll hold off.

Describing perfume isn't my forte, I'll admit, but take my word for it, this smells like a real treat. Zest, honey and sandalwood are apparently a fantastic trio, and one I very much enjoy spritzing on myself most mornings. In contrast to the usual price of perfumes, this is a steal.

I'd love to know your favourite beauty bargains! Have you tried any of the above?

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  1. I really want to try the body shop chamomile cleanser, always heard great things!

    Lucy | Forever September


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