Charlotte Tilbury Makeover at Manchester Selfridges.

charlotte tilbury makeover review manchester

Living in a small village, there's not much that goes on when it comes to the beauty world. Shocking, I know. 

So when in Manchester, a gal's gotta take the opportunity to satisfy her cravings, and what better way than popping down to the Charlotte Tilbury counter for a makeover, right?

I'd been itching to do this for the longest time, and with me staying over in the City for a magical three day break, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to go ahead.

charlotte tilbury makeover review manchester

After a browse around the Arndale Shopping Centre with Matt, I headed in to Selfridges to the counter. I was greeted by one of the makeup artists and offered an hour-long slot with just a short wait beforehand.

In this time, I was able to have a browse at the stand showing the ten different looks on offer for the makeover (I'm sure you'll be familiar with each, but if not, head here to have a peek). As the MUA explained, these aren't set templates, due to each artist having their own style, but they're used as a general indication for the look you're hoping to achieve.

Since I was sporting my leather jacket and pretty much head-to-toe black (what's new?), I decided to opt for the 'Rock Chick' look.

You can view the profile for the R.C. here (it's hard to believe that the model in the official 'look' photos was only 16 at the time!), but to sum it up, inspiration comes from the likes of Bridgette Bardot and Kate Moss. Smoky, feline and a little bit grunge.

With Charlotte Tilbury makeovers, you have two options. The 60-minute session costs either £35 or £55, depending on the level of the artist you choose (I went for the £35 option). Regardless of your choice, the price is redeemable against all C.T. products.

The overall experience was an absolute treat. The woman doing my makeup (I frustratingly can't remember her name, but she had an Irish accent and beautiful red hair if you ever find yourself at the MCR counter!) talked me through each step, discussing each product in detail.

When I first looked in the mirror to sort out my watering eyes *I apparently can't hack having eyeliner applied to my waterline*, I have to admit, I was a little shocked at my reflection. Normally I stick to fairly minimal makeup on my eyes and never really go to town with eyeliner, so the finished look was quite the contrast.

Application-wise, it was gorgeous. The MUA was so thorough, it was just a little heavy for me. Later in the day I'd adjusted to my new look, however the scorching heat (more on that in my upcoming Manchester post!) apparently had not, as I found it melted off my face, stat.

charlotte tilbury makeover review manchester

With my £35, I snapped up another one one of my all-time favourite lipliners, the Lip Cheat in Pillowtalk, and one of the many eyeliners in the range, the Rock 'N' Kohl in Barbella Brown.

If you're ever heading to an event and fancy a little TLC, or maybe you're just in the market for some more Charlotte Tilbury in your life (I feel ya), I'd highly recommend heading to your local counter. 

I definitely think I'd go for another makeover, however next time I think I'd try something a little lighter, like 'The Uptown Girl' or 'The Golden Goddess'.

charlotte tilbury makeover review manchester

Are you a fan of Charlotte Tilbury makeup? Have you ever been for a makeover at one of her counters? I'd love to know any product recommendations you may have!

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