Fake Bake The Face anti-aging self-tanning lotion

Having the skin tone of Caspar the ghost can often mean I lust for a healthy, golden glow - especially with the Summer months drawing closer. Sunbeds are a general no-no for me, and let's be frank, you're not gonna get a bad-ass tan in the UK sun. So for the times I choose to bronze myself up, I rely on the (scary) bottled stuff. 

Over the years I've 'experimented' with many different brands, however I've recently dipped my toes into Fake Bake. Not so long ago I posted about my fake tan routine (read more here) and briefly mentioned one of the brands most recent launches, The Face*. Since I've been reaching for it so much recently, I felt it deserved it's very own post, so read on if you fancy finding out if it's worth the hype.

The Face is unlike anything else on the market. A sheer, gradual lotion, the tan contains Matrixyl-3000, claiming to promote collagen, whilst reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Since I'm only 20, I wasn't drawn to that aspect of the product, more so it's instant, natural results, but it's definitely something to consider if your into your skincare.

I tend to pop the product onto a large cotton pad and then apply to my face, as I find this gives the most even coverage. It can look quite intimidating when squeezed out of the tube (similar colour and texture to melted chocolate) but once blended, your left with a really light-weight finish. My only hang-up with the lotion is that it can look a tad patchy, but you can actually wear this underneath your make-up, so a little foundation or tinted moisturiser solves the issue completely.

If like me, your hands are the giveaway of your fake-tan application, I would also highly recommend swapping your usual fake tan for this on the hand and wrist area. Thanks to it's sheer, buildable consistency, you won't be left with bright orange knuckles. 

Overall I absolutely adore this product,and if Fake Bake were to bring out a body alternative then I would be the first to buy. You can currently pick up the product from Marks and Spencer on special offer for £17.60, here.

Have you tried The Face?


  1. I always have a pale face compared to my body, so looks like I should be testing this! xx



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