Fake Tan Routine

I am one pasty lady, so from time-to-time I like to add a little colour back into my skin and apply self-tan. I've been using the stuff for several years now, and over that period of time I've certainly made a few faux-pas (think fluorescent, orange Bryony). So after much 'experimentation', I've found a few *almost* fail-safe products that I use whenever I'm wanting that extra glow.

The gradual: The first time I tried gradual tan was back in the pre-uni days from Johnson's. Holiday Sun I think it was called. It was pleasant, but it didn't give that natural tan look I was hoping for thanks to it's slightly tango tint. I've since tried Dove's offering, which left me with a similar outcome, so I recently picked up this delight from Garnier. Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion to be exact. First of all, it smells like Apricots, which is definitely alright with me. I purchased the light option, which sums it up pretty well. After use, it leaves the skin with just a hint of colour. Nothing too much, and definitely no tange in sight. Win-win. I'd say this is on a par with St Tropez's version, only a quarter of the price. 

The wash-off: When it comes to the wash-off side of tan, I won't pick up anything else but Fake Bake's Medium Instant Tan Wash-off Lotion in shimmer*. A mouth-full and a half, and also a total gem (review here). I'd never tried wash-off tan prior to this, due to the fear of being rained on, but I'm seriously impressed. The colour is subtle, natural, and although it includes shimmer, it's so sparse you almost can't notice it. This is definitely something I will be going out to buy for myself when I've used up the bottle.

The classic: So now onto the 'classic tan'. Well, I say classic, but this one has a little twist within it's pretty little bottle. No longer do us tan-lovers need to apply before hitting the sack. Oh no, wave buh-bye to orange stained bed-sheets, this one develops in 1 hour. I know, right? A mousse formula, application couldn't be easier. Thanks to it's instant colour, you can see exactly where you've applied, meaning streaks are a thing of the past. And at £7.99 this stuff is total bang for your buck. If it's good enough for Millie Mackintosh, it's good enough for me. Go pick up Cocoa Brown Tan before it sells out, cause I guarantee it will. 

If I'm not reaching for the above, I'm spritzing on the Fake Bake 60 Minute Liquid Tan* (not pictured). Again, a fast-absorbing option, this gives an incredibly realistic colour, to the point where it actually looks like you've been on a week long holiday. Although application is slightly more complex and time consuming than Cocoa Brown's offering, the results make it well-worth splurging on. 

The facial: So we have a toss-up on the cards when it comes to the facial side of things. If you're wanting a simple, foolproof offering, then say hello to the Clarins Liquid Bronze Self-Tan. Applied on a cotton pad before bed, you'll emerge in the AM with a natural, flawless glow. Like the gradual option, you apply as often as required to build up your tan. Alternatively, if you're wanting something a little more contemporary, then Fake Bake's new innovation, The Face* is for you. We've all heard of BB creams, even CC creams, but the DD cream is fresh to 2014. With anti-ageing properties, The Face promises to stimulate the skin cells to produce collagen, whilst hydrating and plumping the skin, all whilst giving the skin a natural, sun-kissed colour. You can pick this up exclusively from M&S beauty counters from March 31st.

So there we have it, the array of goodies I reach for when I'm wanting to achieve a slightly less pasty appearance. Are you a fan of any of these products? What fake tan items can you not live without?



  1. I really like the idea of gradual tans, I moisturise everyday anyway so I may as well conquer two birds with one stone and banish my sun-reflecting, pasty skin... However, I have had the same problem with numerous products, too much build up and end up looking ridiculous, I will definitely be trying your Garnier suggestion!

    I love your blog, it all looks very sleek and beautiful. I have followed via Bloglovin!

    Kathryn xxx

    Bit of a Freak | UK Beauty and Lifestyle Blogger

  2. I really really suck at fake tan I seriously cannot use it to save my life ha so I think the wash off one sounds perfect for me for when I inevitably make it go wrong ha! Fab post
    Salted Roses // UK Fashion Blog


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