Autumn, I love you.

Autumn Blogger Roundup

Oh Autumn, there's just something about you.

The clothes, the vibes, the drinks (hello Starbucks Pumpkin Latte), you're just a good time all round.

Thanks to the cold mornings and the changing of the clocks, I’ve been left in full autumn mode. So, what better time to embrace what’s to come and round up all of the seasonal goodness?

The great outdoors
Mother Nature seriously brings the goods this time of year. My weekend has mostly consisted of pumpkin picking, countryside strolls and all the food and boy, has it been great. This time of year brings endless opportunities for being outside and I am all.for.it.

Autumn Blogger Roundup

Yes, yes and yes. Other than the change in the leaves, there's nothing that gets me more excited for the colder seasons than the uber cosy attire. Who knew one could get so hyped about vest tops and thermal tights? Layering is a true, true joy.

Soup/hot chocolate/dessert season
Basically, all the best food makes an appearance this time of year. Good for the tastebuds, bad for the waistline *rolls out yoga mat*.

What are your favourite things about Autumn?

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