Goals for the Rest of 2018.

Blogger goals 2018

Woah. Hold the phone, tomorrow is August? Mind.blown.

Thanks to this wee fact, you could say this post is somewhat late to the party when it comes to 'year goals', but I guess it's never too late to set yourself some targets in place to help to motivate you and keep you in check?

So without further ado...

My goals are very heavily focused around wellbeing (as you will soon discover reading this blog post, ha!), and where better place to start than diet, no? Over the past few months I've seriously started to pay more attention to what I'm putting in my body. I've noticed a big change from doing so already, from an improvement in my overall skintone, to the strength of my nails (even though I have a terrible, terrible habit of biting them - bonus goal to add to this list?!). But I could still improve. We have a teeny tiny kitchen in our house, but due to a sudden influx of cookery books in our humble abode, I'm really keen to start whipping up a storm with more delicious recipes. I certainly won't be shying away from chocolate, but I'm also aiming to munch on a lot more kale and broccoli.

Blogger goals 2018

I've heard so many incredible things about yoga, with the physical benefits it brings and the improvement in your overall mentality. Therefore I recently made a trip to the shops to pick up a mat, and I'm very much looking forward to trying out the (supposedly excellent) Yoga With Adriene experience.

Save save save
So myself and my other half are officially adulting in our own home, however the goal is to of course eventually own our own property. Therefore, saving is high up on the agenda of goals for the distant future. A very exciting goal of course! *Somewhere with a nice garden and a bath are obviously must-haves for said property.*

Blogger goals 2018

Positive vibes only
Since the start of the year, I've really had to evaluate quite a few areas of my life (for one reason or another). Bad health and stress are big no-nos for me... which is obviously easier said than done sometimes. It's meant that any toxicity is kept at arms length, perspective is a must and that wellbeing stays at the forefront of my mind. Basically, it can be hard at times but looking after yourself and staying as positive as can be is SO important. Gotta live the good life!

Blogger goals 2018

Be more daring with my wardrobe
Well this is a bit of a random one, but adding more pops of colour and print to my wardrobe is something I'm v. keen to do. Not only does it mix it up from the *primarily black* attire in my closet, but it really is one mega mood-booster if you ask me. This Orange Knot Front Topshop Shirt was giving me all kinds of joy as I was venturing around Edinburgh a few weeks back!

Blogger goals 2018

Do you have any goals set in place? Any tips send my way!

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